NBA 2023-24 Thread

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This is what it's come to for the mighty Talkin' Lakers, huh? Bringing back the soon to be 40 year old who led the team to the play in game two straight years, and just got a nice gentleman's sweep I the first round... and willing to draft his non NBA talent having son just to be able to keep him?

Milwaukee most likely still won’t make it out of this round. Just one of those years capped off by injuries at the very worst time. But I will say that as a fan, I’m proud of the grit they’ve shown all series long. They’re literally one play away from being tied 2-2 with the potential return of their stars. Cool to see.
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I don't think many people are watching this Cavs-Magic series, but Paolo Banchero has arrived. That guy is a hell of a player. Deadly mid-range game.
I'm dead.

deep breaths.

the Larry Johnson / Alonzo Mourning / Jeff Van Gundy hanging on his leg series and the Allan Houston series winner series were all first round matchups.

We got a long way to go lol

I have more confidence that the Knicks will be fresh after that war for Thursday than I do Joel Embiid.
Holy shit. This was a series.

I wonder if Becky Hammond still thinks Jalen Brunson is too short.
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