NBA 2023-24 Thread

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And he injured Mitch. How was he not ejected for that?

Embiid has made his Draymond turn.
Win lose or draw in this game or series, Knicks need to do something with Randall's salary in the off season if they want to become real contenders.

Philly is showing that you can take Brunson out of the game by just draping big guards over him and beating the snot out of him (and then complaining that actually you're the one who gets fouled a lot, obviously). Everyone is going to do this to him in the playoffs. They need a bigger wing who can take the pressure off him.
Dude is a very dirty player; I've been on record with that for years.
As I was watching the game I said, "That's a flagrant 2", but nope, let the guy stay in the game.
Thibs should start Jericho Sims in game 4 with explicit instructions to start a fight with Embiid and get his ass tossed, would make up for it not getting tossed last night.
Now that my Cavs are staring at a first-round exit again, I'm really pulling for the Knicks. A hard-nosed team that plays without ego and never gets intimidated. Signing Brunson instead of trading half their assets for Mitchell is already one of the smartest moves in recent NBA history. Brunson is simply better. Goes for 45+ in a pivotal playoff game, while Mitchell puts up 0 in the second half a day before. SMH.
Also pulling for the Clippers, only because Luka stans are the most obnoxious people in NBA fandom.
That took years of my life. So happy that Brunson turned it around - I was dreading the narrative about him if he continued to play like shit. Two fantastic games back to back.

I never expected Thibs to outcoach Nurse, and yet here we are.

Welcome to the club, iron yuppie. I like the Cavs team, but I think losing that last game on purpose was bound to bite them back. I still hope they beat the Magic and give Boston hell.
Phoenix being a disaster is just

It was the most ill advised banana boat effort from the get go, and here we are. They are stuck with Beal. KD can get some value but nothing close to what they gave out for him. They'll probably run it back, but it might be time to sell your valuable piece (aka Booker).
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