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The friendliest place on the web for anyone that follows U2.
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When I was in Montreal, I had poutine at the end of a night of friends, fun and beer. :drool: Then again, I think it would only really hit the spot after said activities. Heartattack on a plate!!! :hyper:
Posted this in the other thread, but:


Fitting too, since my hometown has the most Tim Horton's per capita :lol: You can't escape it :no:

I always get funny looks when I put my snack pack of timbits through the X-ray machine at Pearson on the way home! :lol:
Canter's :drool: :drool: :up:

I can't wait to have a pint at the top of the Guiness Brewery in Dublin after the tour! What a view and what a thirst quencher on a dream trip of a lifetime!
Got Philk? said:
I'm not from Chicago...but I want to put this down.


When U2 tours again, this is a good place to grab a borger. NOT A BURGER!!! ;)

Great place, but not when your favorite drummer is meeting everyone and their mother out at the docks. :lol:

In Michigan, you have to try a Coney dog and wash it down with a Faygo pop. :drool:
UberBeaver said:

Wawa = Poor Man's 7/11. :tsk:

No, Wawa at least has sandwiches. Not that I see any special appeal to 7/11 either - just usually they have more ice cream selection than CVS and their milk expiration date is further out.
So, do they serve the chicken on top of the waffles? Or is it more of a brinner place, for those 4am-7am drunk snacks when you don't know if you want more dinner or breakfast, savory or sweet?
Well, the first time I was there, I was "How can this combination of food taste good?"...then I tried them :drool:
It's an anytime type of "snack".

It was also mentioned on either "Pulp Fiction" or "Reservoir Dogs". I forgot which one
I do love my corned beef from Canter's. Thanks for posting it, Pal :wink:

But if you are in L.A. and want pastrami, this is where you have to go:



I myself am not a fan of pastrami, but my husband, his friends, and so on and so on, rave about it. I even heard it mentioned on the Daily Show once :up:
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