Mr Browne, Mr Brown? and....LUKA BLOOM!!

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Aug 1, 2000
This one snuck up on me.
It's hard to believe it is almost that time of year again
The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival. I heard a DJ on the radio mention it for the first time a couple of days ago. He said with a line up like Jackson Browne, Taj Mahal and
playing there, you had better get your tickets early.
I love LUKA BLOOM:heart: :hyper: it's good news
I just went and checked their web site.
James Brown is also appearing:eyebrow:....hhhmmm, just had a thought. Daniel Johns is a big James Brown never know.
I'm formulating a fantasy already, Dan and Nat and Christy Moore and his wife are in the never know.
The full line up hasn't been anounced yet, but it can only get better.
So I'm praying Jackson Browne and Luka Bloom are on the same day. I am thinking of buying the 5 day pass. It is cheaper that way, but I think the prospect of 5 days of being outdoors grooving to music could be a bit exhausting....we'll see.
Luka has so many beautiful songs of his own, but I love his cover versions. He gives songs such beautiful treatments.

If anyone is interested, JJJ is broadcasting live from the Big Day Out in Sydney from 2 pm today. Someone from Metallica is coming in for a chat, plus lots of the other bands. I listened to Wayne from the Flaming Lips being interviewed yesterday. He was so funny, talking about how he got into performing music and some of the places he gets ideas from. He was very laid back and funny.

I hope I get to go to this! Round 2 artists just announced

Solomon Burke, Pharoah Sanders, John Butler Trio
The Waifs, String Cheese Incident, The Black Keys,
North Mississippi Allstars, The Cat Empire (...more...)

for you elevated mole
I think this is a great photo, taken in Sydney the other day


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he surely is..he's the main reason I want to go.
to buy a season ticket or not to buy a season ticket?
that is the question

hmmm, that pic of Wayne lost a lot of clarity and colour, sorry. The bigger version of it is a great shot.
it gets better
3rd round of artists just been announced
hub is not amused!!

I have until Fbruary 6th to buy first round tickets, after that they become $50 dearer.
what to do?? are U2 going to tour this year?
Dear Bono, please let me know...I won't tell anyone else...honest

3rd round artists:
Lucinda Williams
Michael Franti and Spearhead
Steve Earle
The Robben Ford Band

Hub can't believe I would want to spend 5 days at a field...
I DO!!!!
I really have the feeling it's my now or never time
I coincides with my 43rd birthday
I deserve it?

maybe I should post a poll

what if I buy a Bluesfest ticket and U2 turn up in Oz?

all I wanna do is rock:angel:
everyone desrves music ...sweet music
thanks for the encouragement fah and aralitia
yeah..I think I should go.
The festival is almost within walking distance of my ma's place. A free shuttle bus pulls up right at her front door. I know what my dad would say ..."come and stay...for a week!"

Luka Bloom is the younger brother of Christy Moore. I used to hear him on the radio and think it was Christy. A friend gave me a mixture of a couple of his CD's..."Acoustic Motorbike" "Keeper of the Flame" and "Between The Mountains and the Sea".
Such delicate power.
The beauty and the pain just gently flow from him..another Irish beautiful voice.
Speaking of which...pennyblack aren't breaking up, just taking a rest from the road to concentrate on song-writing and recording
a secret is a thing you tell one other person:drool:

Yesh....I'm excited...again:hyper:
woops in all my excitement I forgot to say
is one of the artists who will perform there too.
Plus all the great local blues bands
It would be like old home week for me

**formulates plans for Monday...festival ticket $230...divorce$23, 000***
no worries mate:D
cass said:
woops in all my excitement I forgot to say
is one of the artists who will perform there too.
Plus all the great local blues bands
It would be like old home week for me

**formulates plans for Monday...festival ticket $230...divorce$23, 000***
no worries mate:D

Sir Bob is going to be there.

I couldn't go see him the last time he came through town.

I hate when work interferes with my concert going life

I did the math.

100 tickets = 1 divorce

So unless you buy 100 tickets I think you will be ok:yes:

Is there a live Luka Bloom album? One of my co-workers listens to him a lot and has lots of live stuff that I've tried to download, but can't seem to find.
There was once an album review for Luka Bloom and it said that for the contest of the most beautiful voice ever there would be 3 contenders: Luka Bloom, Roger Whitaker and Barry White. (I only heard a few songs from White so I am curious to hear the other two)
LivLuvAndBootlegMusic said:
Is there a live Luka Bloom album?

The guy who gave me the shhhh...burnt mixture CD of Luka's stuff...god I love it!!..... asked me a week or two ago if I was going to get the live Luka Bloom CD he had seen at Big W. I don't know Luka's catalogue, but I was certainly interested. I was in town on Saturday and looked through alllll their CD's ( there's not that many) I couldn't find it :(
so the mystery continues....sorry I can't help.

I never thought of Roger Whitaker as a great singer . hmmmm.
I am almost...almost on the verge of buying a ticket. 5 days is a lot of music and a lot of time to be away from home and hub. I realise I have never done that before...and the crowd.hmmmm.

But what about U2, there seems to be some stirrings in their camp...will they or won't they and if they do will they come to Australia?
searching for answers from the great beyond......maybe beyonce knows.
PS: Triple J are playing the live recording of the Flaming Lips set from the Big Day Out, tonight 8 pm, Aussie time. it's available on line.
Adam and Will went into a rave about performing in their cuddly toy suits onstage with The Flaming Lips. It was funny.
There is a stand-up comedy competition going on in Oz at the moment too. I heard Michael Hutchence's ex-sister in law on the radio talking about this morning. She is running the heat in our area. She's a fascinating woman. I think they may be why Bob geldof is coming to the Bluesfest. He will bring Tigerlilly to see her cousins:up:
I hope the weather is good.
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