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Downloading videos off YouTube!

I know this may have been asked before, but do how you download a video from YouTube? And I need an idiots guide, all this talk of 'code' just dumbfounds me! :wink:
I use a website called keepvid, it extracts the flv-file from the You Tube url you insert/paste, then you can download and save the file on your hard disc.

I have a flv-player that works like Windows Media Player and I can watch all the flv files on my computer with it.

However, if you want to convert it into another format like avi or wmv, there are many programmes that do that, some of them are free to download. Some free download managers can download flash videos and convert them as well.

I use the online service media convert and don't have any conversion software installed. With most flash videos - like from Google video or You Tube - it works just fine.

The only videos I haven't been able to get are the MSN videos, I don't know what kind of file that is and none of my programmes supports the site.
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Hey thanks for your advice. I found the website you mention and yes I do have a flv-player, so I don't need to convert anything, let's not confuse the issue! :uhoh:

But like I said I need in idiots guide i.e. a step by step 1, 2, 3 etc. on what exactly I'm suppose to do! Pictures would be good too... :wink: Kid you not!! :p

edit:- Hey, false alarm, I actually managed to figure it out all by myself! :nerd: Yes, I know, I astound myself sometimes!! :giggle:

And in case you're wondering why I wanted to know was coz of the following YouTube video....

My favourite female singer, Dido, singing one of my favourite love songs along to clips from North and South staring the sultry and sexy Richard Armitage!! :drool: :combust: :faint:

Thanks so much for your help! :hug:
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hcbiggs, I'm glad I was able to help.

I think once you have the right website, everything else is no problem because it's really easy to handle and you don't have to download any software, and if you don't have or don't want to convert the files into another format it's better, because flv files are usually much smaller than most other video file formats.
downloading videos off youtube

can someone remind me how i can download videos off youtube? i tried looking for my previous thread but its dissappeared into the vault that is forums.interferenance!

im mainly after videos of goalkeeper coaching/ training

also does anybody know where i can get copies of actual goalkeeper trianing dvds? iv seen lots of good ones, but im not willing to pay 70 odd quid for them.


email if required

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