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Aug 12, 2000
Oh yes, since it's almost time for all you kiddies to return back to school, I thought we should do something to get everyones' minds stimulated with deep thought and ponderance....


Question 1: Do International-Environmentalism Efforts Punish Third World Countries and Help Advance the West?

Take sides and discuss, street fightin' time.
Answer 1: The strict environmental protection legislation enforced by many developed countries has caused the discrimination of developing nations. Often times, this only stagnates the growth of agrarian and newly industrial economies... ones that cannot produce the revenue to compensate for "environmental" upgrading. The Western world especially has not been accomodating in this vein, as developing countries are forced to meet post-industrial standards with tied aid. This only further propagates the subjugation and extortion of countries in early stages of industrial infrastructure. Also, this causes a plethora of gender diversity issues... marginalizing women with imposed stereotypes of "Western" society.
Counterpoint: Cujo, you ignorant slut. Everyone knows that environmentalism helps the Third World by providing them with valuable trees, lakes, forests, rocks, etc. I mean, get real, who wants money when they can have trees!

This strategy also lets the West feel good about itself by condemning the Third World when they try to use the exact same questionable means and tactics to instustrialize that the West originally did. How dare they try to steal our ideas???
Rebuttal: Do you suggest that the environmentalist mandate enforce copyright laws on already financially plagued nations?

It is obvious that industry standards need to be addressed across the globe, but penalizing these nations through exploiting disparities is a rather crude tactic. Like you say, boldly used on many occasions.
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Brutal Western Rebuttal: You crap faced moron butt, how dare you question me!??!!! Havent you seen my massive guns and pectorals? I will punish you badly if you dont comply with my way of thinking!!!!

Like Radiohead said: As I move forward, you move backwards, somewhere we will meet. That's good enough for me. I'm rich now, I should enforce environmentalist thoughs now as an afterthought on all of you who werent as fast and lucky as we were.

PS - You have child birthing hips, Cujo. Eat that.
Closing Argument: Biased proponents of this issue regard a very West-centric view, with an emphasis on capital gains instead of industrial solvency. Another revenue generator, as opposed to a global crisis solution. In conclusion, it is resolved that environmental legislation policy should be revised with clauses that accomodate development, instead of creating further disparity.

PS- you're a monkey hosebag.
Closing Argument: It is not suprising that a Canadian is trying to help support the plight of Third World countries. Your dilapidated excuse of a country has done nothing other than provide the West with problem after problem. For example: Bryan Adams. Another example? Celine Dion. You'd like another? Sum 41.

Thanks alot bacon eating leaf lovers.

PS - Cujo's mom is a total whore. I know from experience. You probably got those wide birthing hips from her.
I would like to hold caucus with you...

in the parking lot.

Question 2: Is Canada to blame for the world's troubles?
Re-butt-Al: What's the deal with this Canadian Bacon crap? It's just ham. Are you guys trying to claim you created ham?
Counter-Rebuttal: Yeah. If another country was standing beside Canada, it would have an I'm With Stupid shirt on... and everyone at the League Of Nations would laugh... cause it's true.

Your witness, witless.
Final Statement: I mean... come on! Eh? That's barely a letter nevermind a word!

Next Question, Judge Booty.
Question 3: What's the deal with these Cornuts? Is it a corn, or is it a nut?? Who are these people?
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question: how can cujo and mofo have an arguement when they're both on the same side? see this canda discussion for details

Argument to Question 3: It's a very controversial topic indeed... I'd like to cite the case of Peanut vs. Butter, where the sides mutually agreed to independence. Arbitration hearings revealed that Peanut Butter was actually a fruit. Therefore, Cornuts, as they are a concoction of various confectionaries... are to be known as fruit. Logic favors in the affirmative.

PS- If the entire world had the same ass as you, it would take a bottle the size of the moon to fulfill the preparation H back order.

Your witness, witless.
Counterpoint: Who are the add wizards that came up with this one?

PS - Answer to IWasBored's Question: Dont ask, Dont tell.

PSPS - Cujo, up your nose with a rubber hose.
Closing Argument: Some Advertisement Wizards hold the belief that you can put two things together without negative consequences. Well their sorry asses were wrong. Cornuts are yet another commercial bastard of the ever-growing trend of hybridizing good stuff into absolute garbage. However, not all is a waste... as I've found a way to stop my table from rattling... finally, a practical use for Cornuttery.

PS- Mofo, you make non-biodegradable waste look good.
Closing Argument: All I know is that people who eat Cornuts have some nasty smelling breath. Who are these people?

PS - When I think of crap, I think of Cujo.
Ruling: Cornuts are the plague of the Earth.

PS- Mofo, I eat pieces of crap like you for breakfast.
Question 4: Who's higher on your 'To Do' list: Natalie Portman or Jenniffer Love Hewitt?

PS - Cujo, you eat pieces of crap for breakfast?

PSPS - What kind of store do you buy that at?
Argument to Question 4: After careful consideration and deliberation, I have ruled that Natalie Portman has not yet defiled the music industry with bad pop stylings. Therefore, Hewitt is relegated to an imaginary lower position, on hypothetical terms.

PS- Not often.

PSPS- Obviously a non-Scottish store.

PSPSPS- you make me want to cut out my intestines, so that I don't get indigestion from your arguments.
Counterpoint: I'm Mormon, we dont 'do' anybody.... Which makes me ask myself, why am I Mormon again?

PS - Cujo, if you were a rapper your name would be Snoop Doggie Crap.
Rebuttal: Yeah dude.

PS- You should convert to pervert. We're sending you a brochure.

Mebuttal: The Perverts eh, I've heard of you guys. Bill Clinton is your guys party leader right? Wait, that might be the Liars Club.

PS - My dad can beat up your dad.
Closing Arguments: Yeah. Portman I guess.

PS- We have the same dad you ignorant hillbilly.
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Ho-ing Arguments: They're both quite attractive, but Portman. Realistically speaking, this question should have been : Who do you have less of a chance with?

PS - Remember when dad killed that drifter? Good times, great songs.
I'm not gonna say what I misread the thread title as when I first saw it :lol: :silent: :eek: :lol:
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