Learning to Appreciate the Album Gaps

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Oct 22, 2005
Los Angeles
Just some random musing, but I was really starting to get pissed off about the album gaps U2 are notorious for as of late, and it was starting to kill my love for U2. However, now I'm starting to realize that these gaps are actually pretty amazing. Since HTDAAB I've fallen in love with so many other bands that I would not have had a chance to had I been incessantly listening to a new U2 album. And in general I'm just listening to a lot of different music. I've started to listen to bands like AFI, and Dream Theater, Elvis, The Eagles, like I said, just a lot of music I wouldn't normally listen to.

Anyways, has anyone else been able to find a silver lining in these breaks?
Considering two of those "gap" years are actually spent touring (which mean bootlegs, setlist parties, DVD's, and actual concerts :love: ), it's really not so bad.
I hear you, Ashley! I've also been discovering some other music (besides U2) which I normally wouldn't listen to. So yeah, those gaps are good for something (apart from getting stressed out over when a new album will be FINALLY appearing again :wink: ) :)

And, LemonMelon, you're right... Going to concerts and waiting for DVDs to come out are things to really look forward to as well :drool:
This is true, I wasn't thinking about tours, I do love them so...but I mean...two years IS a long time still :p
Arguing here is fun for about a week (and that's only when/if beachlegs are released), so I'm with you on getting into other artists. :up:

That, and I'm kind of a sports guy. My life will be consumed by school and football starting next week, so not much time to worry about the band. :shrug:
Baseball's been keeping me away from interference.

And I wasn't arguing with you I hope you didn't think I was :sad:
There's no shortage of great music in the world. I don't have much of a problem with the gap between U2 albums -- my music cup runneth over. I've been falling in love with lots of artists that are new to me.

I've been a bit less passionate about U2 since the Vertigo tour finished, but that's alright -- I'm sure when we start hearing new clips I'll catch the fever again. I think this is natural and good.
:hug: Oh, you're not arguing with me. Good call on killing time with baseball. It's an even more time-consuming sport than football.
I agree that the gaps are good for distracting me from U2 and allowing me to find more music. Since this break in U2 news started, I've gotten into The Beatles, Arcade Fire, and The White Stripes. So it's working out pretty well for me. Although, I still want a new U2 album as soon as possible. :wink:
By the end of a tour, I've usually just about OD'ed on U2, which was definitely the case at the end of last year. I listened to them a lot through the winter, but by spring I was ready to see what my other favorite bands were up to, as well as to discover some new artists. I actually didn't listen to U2 for most of the summer, aside from a song or two here or there, and I think that was a good thing. Now I'm just starting to come back to them with fresh ears, and I'm looking forward to picking up the Popmart DVD when it comes out.

I'm in no hurry for a new album. I've got plenty of other things going on in my life right now, and I'm enjoying listening to a lot of other bands. I've also got quite a few bootlegs to catch up on before the next tour rolls around.
I always love checking new indie bands, its almost my daily ritual you could say. Anyway i found a band that made me think of u2 and in comparison and they are really good.

Check out [ Signature of the Divine (Yahweh) by Needtobreathe ] it really has great emotions in it. But then i you all could argue that its u2 is far superior anyway :wink:
The gaps between albums still suck. I'm perfectly capable of getting into new bands and discovering old ones even if U2 have a new album out.
An Cat Gav said:
The gaps between albums still suck. I'm perfectly capable of getting into new bands and discovering old ones even if U2 have a new album out.

Yeah, exactly. U2 could be releasing an album every other month and I still wouldn't have a problem getting into other bands. There's so much music out there and I want to savour all there is to enjoy.
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