Larry Mullen JR Drumstick Apperication Thread

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Jul 4, 2002
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Just to repeat, I'm NOT Having a go at others who have made apperication threads...I'm simply having fun.



Great topic, and great pic......shame about the lunatic to the right of him waving that mic about!

When will he STOP butting into Larry's photo opportunities!?

WE dont want u there buddy - whoever the hell u are!!!:madspit:


Well, i've been looking for a suitable place to ask this question, and here seems pretty relevent.......

What is different about Larry's drumsticks?!?!

I know they help his arthritis, but, they don't seem to look any different -- Is there any real difference between Larry's DS's and normal DS's???

blueeyedgirl said:
I thought they were the same as the ones Animal from the Muppets uses....:ohmy:

He's sooooooo much better than Larry anyway imo. If his back is playing him up so much, I reckon it's time for the boys to give him the big elbow - and bring in Mr Animal....:rockon:
Don't think he has arthritis...I think it there was an issue with tendons or he had to have custom sticks made. I'm sure he's a lot more comfortable banging his stick.
all sorts of guitar stick like there are all sort of guitar plectrums, i have nylon tipped ones i was thinking of getting vic firth ones or pro marks like Larry and stick "Larry is a drumming muse" on it:wink:
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