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May 26, 2007
If I lived any more north I'd be in Quebec. But I
and normally this gets me into all kinds of trouble, but this time I have an idea which may actually work.

I've been thinking about the writer's club. This was a very good idea but I think we just went about it the wrong way. Instead of doing a chapter story...can we not do one-off's. I got this idea from another site. What would happen if we had challenges? What I mean is, maybe one month it could be Bono in a Coffee shop and the next month a story involving Edge. We could put a limit on how long it is (or not :D ).

It's just an idea.
Sounds like a great idea! We need something to encourage the great fan fic writers on here. We are going through a bit of a dry spell!!! :applaud:
OK...I made an LJ community...now all I have to do is figure out what all the buttons do...(I get to play with buttons..:hyper: ) yes, I do know I need to get out more.

If anyone wants the web thingie or if anyone wants to help me...feel free to email me or just look in my profile thingie in here...I put it in there too.

Hi Dianepm
Sorry if this is a thick question, but how do I find you on LJ to request? The email link errored out.:reject:
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