I've Been on Interference So Long...

The friendliest place on the web for anyone that follows U2.
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America has gone through 5 presidents during my time posting here. Achtung Baby was only 9 years old when I started posting here.
I remember when Slow Loris was sharing supposed insights from the new album (HTDAAB) and was engaged in deep back and forth with some bloke name Red Ships of Scala Festa.
wow so I have not posted for ages, and ages, and ages.........I really miss the 2001 era.

And with media platforms changing, not seeing the same amount of convo and people here is a bit :sad:

Hello to all users still existing :wave::wave::wave:

I remember you!! ?????? We used to discuss parachuting and how you should be careful not to land next to the pile of cowshite! ?????????????????? Seriously!!! You, me and Brian (Lazyboy)! That was hilarious!! Oh the 2000s! ❤️
Whaddya expect? No music in 3 years, they’ve slowed down quite a bit.

Zoo revival tour reportedly no-go, where’s the JT30 tour film?, one song in an animated movie, new album eventually maybe, Apple thing still bad?, Ryan Tedder def still bad, they need to accept being old, Bono’s moobs, I think that covers it.
Joined here 19 years this year. Hard to wrap my brain around that. I haven't logged in here in years, but got a notification from the forum. Figured I'd drop in. Hope everyone is doing well.
I've been here long enough to remember when we were concerned in 2011 about the forum having much less traffic.
I'm still rockin' 21 years later. I check in here daily. Don't always post, but usually something quick. I still love this place! :heart:
I joined interference 17 years ago next month. Literally half my life I've been a member of this forum. Good lord.
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I've been on interference for so long I've gone from being a teenager zoney! used to make fun of for posting too much to seeing U2 with him and Schmeg twice.

The circle of life.
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