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meegannie said:
I fear it may be Kenny G. :crazy:
:scream: :no: I've experienced similar cirucmstances lately here at home...I've resorted to hiding the kenny g and all other bad christmas albums. :shifty:
Last week at Best Buy, I saw an album entitled "Pickin' On U2". It was a bluegrass cover of U2 music.

*Pictures Edge on the banjo*

Hallelujah Here She Comes said:
That album is pure gold. You haven't lived until you've heard Mysterious Ways played on the banjo. You wouldn't think it was possible but, oh, it is.

:lmao: LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pictures MW on banjo, mixed with the theme from Deliverance* :crack:

:dance: :shrug:
Harley and Angus

Harley and Salvador

Me at my college graduation a year and half ago :crack:
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nbcrusader said:
Last week at Best Buy, I saw an album entitled "Pickin' On U2". It was a bluegrass cover of U2 music.

I've actually been thinking of getting that cd and a couple of other U2 tribute albums. :crack:
He's my dad and stepmom's cat. :) I haven't seen him in over a year, and he was a little kitten then.

Next weekend I'm going to be in Indiana at my mom's where there are two cats, two dogs, a turtle, and a parrot. :hyper:
Harley on the stairs at my old house in Kentucky:

Me when my parents came to DC last April:

Pengies at my metro station:

My old Kentucky home:

Harley playing pool at my old house:
can't decide if i want u2 tribute albums...

meegannie said:
I can feel myself getting fatter.
I can feel myself growing too. Actually, no, I can see it happening...

And yay for fun pictures!!!! :D :yes:
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There are even more pengies on the other side of that wall. :hyper:

And there's that health care company or whatever that has pengie ads up on the subway. :hyper: :hyper:
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