Its Official! - I wanna take on Eminem!!!

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May 24, 2001
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I do, I really wanna take this little guy on!

I mean, the other week I watched 8 Mile, right? and he is fecking proof that anybody could do what he does..........for some reason this movie stripped Eminem bare, and I could see in reality that he isn't much! He just seems like this ickle person who's talent became magnified by Dr Dre. And he was like 'new shit' on the market that pple bought......and still is, thanks to his buddy-boys spinning their disks and being his crutches! And then listening to him rehearse......he words it slow, so his talent is speeding it up and remembering that speed and remembering those lines! He makes it seem so easy! This film made me see that Emy boy is nowt with shout taken out! And that dyed brown hair!!!!!!!!!!


:tsk: oh Emy..........thank you for making me see the realish u.

I bet half the population could be Eminems if they tried!

I mean, its all a matter of throwing in a couple of 'F*k the nation, proper inflation!' and 'kiss my mutherf*kin ass ya bit tit, before I throw yo ass into the snake-pit' a few f*ked up notes on the keyboard........have a man wearing shades spin and scratch discs.......go and record a crowd in Australia shouting 'You Loser!' a few times to be added in, and you're off!

Im tellin ya...................I have a natural flair to write rubbish raps, so me and him could get down to head-to-head business no problem.

See us both perform competition at a venue near you soon! :sexywink:

( i know u all know this anyway)

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oooooooh you betcha!

Im gonna flame his filthy untamed ass
and roll him round in dirty green grass
before I kick his bollocks over the sea
and then all the fame will be on wee me

and then when he's back and ready to fight
I swear his tiny ass I will bite
and kick it to the wall for my chums at this place
cause lets all face it.....Em belongs in space

and Im gonna crush his nuts with a drink dispenser
ya better watch out Im comin atcha like a fencer
gonna rub yer ass and take ya out for a snack
but secretly I'll grab ya and slam you in da back

and you wont be cryin then Mr Em with yo birdies
Yo u look like a motherf*ker in his thirties
with dirty undiepants, thats home to loads of ants
Ya better watch out dude, u gonna lose yer rants!

Big up!

:wave: Maddie.

(yea yea, I know, shite rapping is sooooooooo in!)

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Hey Maddie, if you take on M&M (hee hee) can I be one of your bitches? :D
You gotta have a couple o bitches!

Can I just say that I think Maddie would win hands down? :up:

And also...I LOVE the word ickle!! :cute:

sorry, I'm a dork.
mad1 said:
(yea yea, I know, shite rapping is sooooooooo in!)

You should have been around a few months back for the Freestylin' battle thread.

HipHop, you know what I'm talking bout,
my peep in the jeep,
is there room for another rappin creep?

I say yes.

are you gellin?
yeah im gellin,
want some melon,
naw, but you know,
im like magellan,
im so gellin
stop yellin
we're gellin

That picture makes Em look like he's gonna get jacked. And maddie's loving it.

Good stuff...
I'm getting tired of his never smiling "I'm a tortured artist" act.

William Shakespeare started rap with his "hey nonny nonny" etc.
it's all Shakespeare's fault. Surprised the rappers haven't ripped
off Willie yet and sampled his plays.
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