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Screaming Flower

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Aug 29, 2001
i just discovered the ignore list and its many powers.

and i'm so bored.

i'm going to go home soon.

I discovered something weird the other day: another Interferencer has me on her ignore list - and i have to extra click on a link to read her posts. I don't remember her name, in fact i don't even remember ever talking (much less) arguing with her.

are you sure you didn't accidentally put her on your list? you should still be able to see her posts even if she has you on her list.

Um i don't think so, when i cilck on PM and then go to "edit ignore list" there's two empty slots and it says i should enter the name of whoever i am about to igore or delete those i am about not to ignore anymore.


But i'm pretty sure i never talked to that Interferencer...
It does sound like something has been configured at your end for whatever could post in Don't Expect Suggest and see if anyone has encountered the same thing
So what exactly happens when you put someone on ignore list?

* tests it out with diamond.
This person is on your Ignore List. To view this post click [here]

lmao :lol: :evil:
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