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Dec 16, 2004
On this forum there seems to be alot arguments about POP AYCLB and HTDAAB. . Personally I like all three albums for differents reasons. In fact I like all era's of U2. It seems that every time someone writeS that they like POP or BOMB they get attacked by the other side. We should be happy that we are fans of a unique band that keeps us on our toes. Its all U2!

wheres the love- LOVE AND PEACE
Yip...I totally love all u2 albums, for totally different reasons too. U2 have been experimenting and takings risks (if you can say 'taking risks') throughout their career, and that's a good thing. What if U2 stuck to the same kind of music forever?? They wouldn't be the band they are today! That's why I love them to bits..they're willing to take it a step further! YAY U2!!!:applaud:
I don't mind the different viewpoints (not necessarily the bashing). I want to hear all points of view. And personally, I don't think it has been one big magic carpet ride. There have been some crashes. Yeah, we all like U2. Let's discuss everything, good and bad.
I also like to see what others have to say. I just think U2 wouldnt be as strong if they didn't have all those falls and's certainly made them stronger to me. But yeah, bring on everyone's views!!
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