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I wonder if the terrorists are just waiting for this to happen...

Someone waiting with their finger on the button, waiting for an excuse to push...

Retaliation isn't an unrealistic notion.

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I am sure I will be scorned and reproached for this comment, but I am very pleased with today's actions.

I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
-T.S. Eliot, "The Waste Land"

i fear what will come out of this...

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Originally posted by U2girl:

i fear what will come out of this...

Yes, what other regime will the US have to install and then repudiate after this?

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Originally posted by The Wanderer:
I am sure I will be scorned and reproached for this comment, but I am very pleased with today's actions.

No scorn from me.

well, lets just see what happens. this is not one of those things where the man with the biggest muscles wins. clearly the us has that mentality, and heres to hoping this wont trigger, as someone else already pointed out, further terrorist actions.

this will just make my overseas flight/trip all the more unsettling.

i am not surprised though. i knew something would be done. and, i trully believe that bush waited a long period of time, and that the taliban simply was stalling for time and would never give up bin laden on their own...kuds to bush for at least waiting this long.

I'm a little bit glad it started if they don't start killing civilians.

Did you read about CIA's report that bin laden is preparing new atacks on the US whey US attacks?

take care
Originally posted by Achtung Bubba:
And, as a forum administrator, I'm all for using this "room" for discussing the events of today. The events far overshadow the latest U2 news, and if we administrators and moderators are going to let this forum be open to the mindless drivel, we're sure as hell going to discuss the most important events of our time.

I know it can be overwhelming to some -- even I need a break from the news now and again -- but I would simply suggest ignoring the thread rather than asking the rest of us to discuss it in another forum.

THANKS for saying this!!I'm encouraged by what you said. How unrealistic can it be to avoid discussing all of this considering what we're on the brink of?

Amen-ignore the thread if you don't like it.

*praying for us all*
And, Aine, I'm not sure whether "humanitarian bombing" is a sensible phrase. But I think the bombings of Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan were necessary, and to the extent that they re-established freedom in Europe and established freedom and democracy in Japan, I would say that the bombing was beneficial. The bombing was probably good, and perhaps even humanitarian -- especially when one considers the effects on all of mankind.

Achtung Bubba
Originally posted by Achtung Bubba:
Well said, TheU2.

I can't take full credit for my previous post. It was taken from a homily of my parish priest in New York the sunday after 9-11.


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Well, TheU2, even if it isn't your quote, I'm glad you brought it to this thread. I think it makes a very good point in that it is a "grave duty", something we do not enter lightly. Still, even the grave duties must be done wholeheartedly.
Originally posted by Achtung Bubba:

But it is not necessarily in conflict with the teachings of the Bible, particularly when it is done out of love -- the love of freedom and your fellow man.
...particularly when it is done on Easter,as
it happened with Yugoslavia.

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I feel sickened by today's actions....I can almost guarantee history will not look favourably upon Bush and Mr Tory Blair...
It's unfortunate they can't see outside of the box...
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