Is that Czech U2?

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Nov 2, 2000
New York, NY
I was in the Czech Republic over the holidays and I very funny thing happened. My girlfriend is from that country and has a lot of family there. So, her uncle had us over to his place for a little Christmas party. The uncle asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to and, in the holiday tradition, I said U2. So he puts on what he called a best of album. The first song was Desire. From the first note, I knew something was not right in the state of Denmark. I asked him what it was and he said it was U2 of course. I told him that I know U2 and that was not U2. The uncle became rather offended. Then, things got worse; the singing started. I don't really know how to describe "Bono's" singing. This guy sounded like a cross between David Lee Roth and the Wild and Crazy Czech guys on Saturday Night Live (that's an old school SNL skit.) The accent was terrible, the guitar was terrible, and the whole song was pretty much painful to listen to.

Meanwhile, the uncle is bopping his head to U2 and I've got a weird look on my face. Finally I said, "Is this some kind of Czech U2 or something." The uncle looked at me, stopped the CD, took it out and showed it to me. Yes, it said U2 on it, but it looked like it was homemade. There was no "Island Records" or any kind of copyright info anywhere to be found. However, with an offended future inlaw on my hands, I said, "oh, it's this album. Of course. I just havn't heard it for a long time. Cool. Put it back in." The uncle looked at me, smiled, put the CD back in and continued to rock out to U2.

All is well that ends well, I guess.
Originally posted by wolfwill23:

Sorry, it was a joke. A group called Negativland got into a lot of trouble with U2 and their record company about ten years ago because they released a single called 'U2' with cover artwork suspiciously reminiscent of War-era U2. I think it ripped off part of Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, or something to that effect.
So, did you ever find out who this Czech U2 was? Anyone know? Maybe it was a live album and Bono had a cold? I guess everyone has a crazy uncle.

Or maybe they are the real U2!! And we've been following this fake U2 for all these years. I guess we'll never know.
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