Is Anybody Still Officially Here??

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Hi, daisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had a job to go to. :|


Do you know anything about sleepwalking, by any chance?
Oh My God...I Am So Bored...Somebody Should Put Me Out Of My Misery...

And's time for...

What Bonochick Is Listening To!

Enjoy my playlist for tonight, song by song!

Up first...

"Music" by Madonna

(Okay, this is the part where you have to imagine the music in your head...:shifty: ).

In the summertime, I like to refrigerate my clothes before I put them on so I have a nice burst of cool when I get dressed.
Mother...Mother Fucking Rock 'n Roll...

My sister and I used to sleepwalk when we were little. Dad had to barricade the front door for awhile because my sister used to try to leave the house to "get the keys". I used to bring napkins to my mom in bed and claim I was bored.

I think I sleepwalked last night though...unless I was just too tired to remember. :crack:

I'm tired...but I'm not I don't really sleep much...

I want some pudding.

I'm thinking about penguins...I always think about penguins cuz of meggy...

I am imagining penguins eating pudding while wearing hats and scarves and saying things like, "Mmmmmm!!! Good pudding!!!!"

Mah boy!!!!!!!

I see you in IO! :wave:

If you know what's good for you, you WILL hang out here with me! :mad:
Currently Playing...

"Don't Be Sad" by Whiskeytown

Oh yeah???

Well, don't tell me what to do, Whiskeytown!!!!!!!!! :mad:
:ohmy: Damn girl! LOL I was posting and finding piccies thank you very much :tongue: its nice to know that Im so wanted around here :laugh:
I'm lovely this evening!!!!!! :mad:

How are you??????????????? :mad:

Isn't it a pretty night????????? :mad:

*chomp, chomp* :mad:

*munch, munch* :mad:

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