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I want a colour-chaning, talking penguin who can survive in any climate, is toilet trained, lives off of candy and potato chips, likes to clean bathrooms, and can shrink down small enough to fit in my pocket or grow big enough to be cuddly.
daisybean said:
I want to wear pajamas everyday to work. I think that the current working world dress code decreases productivity. If we could all wear our PJ's we would be more comfortable and more porductive.

I want the price of gas to go down to 50 cents a gallon

You should make a law that makes people have to take courses, past tests based on those courses and get licenses in order to have chilren.

Polka Dots in clothing should be forever banned. That and white pants. Those sweatpants with "princess" and "angel" written on the butt is also pretty annoying. Mullets need to go on the majority of the mulleted population.
will you marry me?
legalize bananas
overthrow the oompa loompas
make tieing someone's shoeolaces together punishable by law
fine anyone who thinks people hate them because they are beautiful
ban volume controls that do not go up to 11
Require smiling and laughing - at least eight times a day.
Willy Wonka will forever be my favorite movie

Salome -
I am not sure if you are aware of the current political conditions that the Oompas are living under...

After Charlie took over the factory, Wonka Industries fell into great dispair, leaving many oompas without jobs. They all left Wonka and headed back to the land for hence they came.

They discovered plants that grow snow balls, and have since started illegal shipments of these snowballs to frigid northern cities here in the United States. We NEED to restore some order here. I really think GOP-Whortence could help restore some order, and prove that good ol' USA is the world power in snowball production.

I too was a HUGE fan of the oompa loompas when they were with Wonka. They taught me how to dance and sing. But now, there weapons of mass destruction must be stopped.

...or something
Odlly, the inspectors have flown in from the land of Oz to monitor the progress of the snow ball plant removal - yes, the munchkins have found jobs as UN inspectors

It TRULY is an amazing world
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