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Jun 21, 2001
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No, not that.

I taped the Mtv2 video timeslide thing that was on the other day, and I know there were quite a few people without Mtv2 who wanted it. Sooooo....

I have one copy of the videos. Tell me why you want it, and I will reward the best "sob" story (actually, it could be funny too, just make it entertaining)with the tape.

I'll announce the recipient on Friday. Have a nice day.

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Because I live in England, your videos work on a different system, so if you sent it to me I couldn't see it anyway.

Therefore, I should have it, because then everyone would not be able to see it. And everyone would be equally happy. And sad.
LarryMullensPopAngel: I need that video so bad. I'm trying to put together a video montage for my college television station, and need as many U2 videos as possible. I have all the concert video tapes, but hardly any of the videos. It would mean so much if I could get a copy! I'd even pay you for the time it takes to copy it and the tape you purchase. Please let me know...my email address, oddly enough, is Danospano@hotmail.com...Let me know ASAP, or whenever...

Because I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, please, please...

I have an extra copy of the Direct Tv stuff if you don't have it--I can bring it up this weekend when I see you!


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I HAD MTV2. Had being the operative word here. My family has Star Choice Satellite. But, Saturday, Star Choice changed everything so that you can order only certain packages of TV channels. So, me, my bro, and dad went through the channels we wanted. And my aunt (who's on the same system thing) did too. Only she didn't want the music stations (ie--MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, MTV, MTV2, etc). So, seeing as how we can only have a certain no. of stations, my dad and aunt decided to give up the all the music stations in return for DIVA, MYSTERY, and some other channels....

Now I have NOTHING. Just cause I was the only one to watch those channels. No MuchMusic (which is like, BASIC CABLE). No MTV. Nothing. And all this came about 2 days before they aired all those U2 vids!

To add insult to injury, my dad bought Direct TV. He hooked it up on December 31st.

To top it off, my uncle had to fix and reboot my computer, which meant I had to delete all my U2 vids that I had spent months downloading (the connection here is REALLY slow).

I feel like George Costanza, all this negativity. But I swear to you, it's the truth.

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Well, you see, I would have watched MTV2 the day but here's the story...

Okay, so I'm sitting in my room at school, which I affectionately like to call the "pit of hell", right? And I'm trying not to kill myself from boredom...I mean, there's only so many times one can watch a show about penguins on television! And there's a knock on the door...well, I think it's someone interesting, so I peel myself off the floor (yes, peel, it's THAT disgusting) and get up to see who it is....Well, I answered the door, right? Like any normal person would...Plus, I was secretly hoping it was a member of U2 come to relieve the boredom. Well, so I opened the door and who's standing there?

It's Mr Poppin Fresh himself!!!!! And he says to me, "hippy, I've come to relieve your boredom!"

And I was like, "hey cool, c'mon in! Umm...you'll have to sit on the disgusting floor cause there's no other place..."

Larry: "That's okay. Hey, let's play a game!"

Hippy: "Okay, but all I have is Monopoly..."

Larry: "Damn, I love that game! But for some reason, Bono always manages to take over the whole board when we play at home, cause we all live in one big house, y'know?"

Hippy: "Yeah, I understand...but we don't have any pieces to play with."

Larry: "That's okay...we can use my bootins *pop pop pop*

Hippy: Cool!

*They begin playing Monopoly, four hours later hippy is asleep and Larry is still playing*

So that's why I missed the MTV2 timeslide...cause Poppin Fresh came to distract me and because I only have 20 stations in my room anyway...

Oh yeah, and did you see this PLEBA thread?


Ummm...I think that deserves something!

Love ya popangel!

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Guess I don't have a hope in hell--how long is the video? Is it all their videos??

I've been walking Central Park
Singing after dark
People think I'm crazy
Okay, my local arena took all my money! Initially I bought a $45 seat because there were no GA's and I couldn't really afford the expensive seats. The week before the show, GA tickets were released so I bought one. I asked for a 'will call' ticket because I didn't want to pay the $22 overnight fee. 'Will call' means you pick up the ticket at the arena. So I call the arena before the show, and ask when the earliest I can pick up the ticket. They said 'we haven't decided yet.' Then I call a couple days later and they say '6:30p' The show started at 7:30p and they let in the GA line at 6:30p. So basically there was no chance for me to get into the heart. I spoke to the boss lady and she told me 'Hey, tough luck, I'm not gonna print your ticket early because then everyone would ask me to do that.' I was lucky though, I was able to buy another ticket online and overnight it. It was the best show ever! ...but now I'm broke.
Give me it.

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I want that video. First reason I have is that I am the guy with the stuff, that's my name. If I don't have something that good then there is something wrong.
Second, I can make copies of it and you can get the tape back to auction it off again.
Third, I really want that video!
Fourth, I really want that video!
Fifth, I don't have a DVD player so I can't watch the Elevation tour DVD.
I hope that's enough.
Oh, as an afterthought, I would have taped it myself, but I live up in the great white northern reaches of Canada, eh! We, like, don't get that station up here.
I really want that video because I am a huge U2 fan. However, since that is true of all of us, I don't think that will earn me it.

What might persuade you, is the fact that I have an 18 year old sister. Presently she is a fan of the Backstreet Boys, NSync, and Britney Spears. Lately, however, she has been coming around. She admitted that she likes the song "Walk On", and has started semi-drooling over Larry. I think that 4 hours worth of U2 video's would really help me in bringing her over into U2 fandom!!
My vote goes to Guy With The Stuff. Just because he needs...stuff.

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Originally posted by NicaMom:
Pretty please with sugar on top?
There's a lot U2 videos I've never seen and I'm tired of Mary Kate & Ashley, Dragon BallZ and Scooby Doo videos pleeeeaaase help me!

...and Rescue Heroes, Teletubbies, Pokemon, Barbie Nutcracker...and I can share it with Sweetest Thing and Mrs. Edge...

Please...Please...my kids put bubbles on their faces and pretend they're the Edge...then my son lies upside down in the recliner and pretends he's the Edge in the Stuck video...they need more videos!!!!

If your glass house should crack....POE
Originally posted by She ls Raging:
Ack!!!! I posted looking for a copy of this the other day!!
I guess I'm too late in the thread for this one though huh?

No one is too late! You have the same chance as any of us here! Keep the faith!

BONO: FOAD, Lawrence. Just FOAD. (LOL, Mona)

You can dream, so dream out loud!

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You should give me the video because Larry says so!

Seriously, I don't have cable, have no one reliable to tape U2 specials for me, I tried like hell to get a drumstick from Larry with no luck, there is two feet of snow on the ground and more falling every second (blarg!), I am in serious U2 withdrawal, the sidewalk plow dug up my front, side & back lawn on Monday (do not know what that guy was smoking!) and I have to battle the town to get them to pay for it in the spring, drove into a downed power line on Monday as well (can you tell Monday was a good day?), I really, really need four hours of Larry Mullen Jnr. to help keep me warm through the winter and I will think you are the nicest person in the whole world if you send me the video!!!!!!!!!

Please, please, please with extra Larry cleavage?

Plus, a fellow Larry lover should get the video so that she can discuss Larry in all his glorious detail with you after watching the tape.........(wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?)

Okay, that's my plea, thanks for reading and thanks for the contest!

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