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Jul 29, 2001
Outside Boston
Well I just spent all night scanning and uploading my pictures from the concerts... and turn out that Snapfish doesnt do public albums - I'd have to give them email address of individual people, at least that's the impression I get!! I dont have the energy to do it all over at webshots again (still working on my personal site) - so I will soon! here's a preview - these ones are from Chicago 1 and 2...





I hope to have the rest up soon!

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- Kathleen -

Awesome!! Yummy Larry!!


P.S. Same thing happened to me with my tattoo pics.. and most of my friends didnt get to see them cuz snapfish makes it difficult and makes you fill out a bunch of info for you to look at them.


Feck I love those pics!! What kind of camera did you use?

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Thanks Sicy!!
I used a Canon Rebel X EOS with a 400mm lense for some, but mainly just a regular 35 -80mm one for most shots

Snapfish is such a pain... I didnt want to put anyones email addresses in either because I'm sure that people would start getting ads from them. I think my best bet is going to be waiting until my own site is done, because webshots makes the black and whites look crappy...lol

"Edge, it's you she wants...it's you!...I know him! He's in my band!" Bono - Zoo Boston, 1992
- Kathleen -
Yay Kathleen! Your pictures are fabulous!

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Those pics are great! Maybe you should switch to webshots before you spend any more time uploading to snapfish. Not only does Webshots have public albums they don't shrink your pics like Snapfish. Those beautiful shots will be bigger if you post them from Webshots.
I love these pics, Kathleen! Remind me to start saving for Vegas-I need to get pics like these!!!!
(PS-Thanks again for trying to and succeeding in getting Larry yumminess.

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