I+E vs JT vs E+I Which Tour is Best?

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Have yet to attend the latest tour (and, honestly, it's not looking likely that I will), but between I&E and TJT, I gotta give the edge (heh... hehheh... hahhaha hahahaha :|) to the former: I love the album, so it was a pleasure just hearing the band's latest material (and unlike NLOTH (barring a few exceptions), most of songs worked well live and felt as if they had a sense of purpose within the context of the concert); there was a clear story and theme throughout the set, with some surprisingly effective performances of old standbys (e.g. Bullet), though a few of the classics fell prey to an uninspired showing (I'm lookin' at you, One). It was also the first major concert with my girlfriend (now wife :hug:), and I appreciated her transformation from filthy casual to enlightened U2 fan.

Of course, The Joshua Tree tour had a few things going for it, too--namely, it was my first time seeing them in my home state! Sure, that might not sound particularly noteworthy to some, but I kinda appreciated the local observations and shout-outs, clear pandering to the crowd... you know, stuff that happens at every concert, but it was the first time these sporadic references were relevant to me. So yeah, just a little thing, but I'm happy to've been there (and hearing The Saints Are Coming, albeit not much more than a snippet, was pretty cool).
I really loved the first half of this concert--obviously this includes a bunch of tunes we've all heard time and time again, but somehow just hearing them in a different order than I'm accustomed to managed to positively affect how I perceived them (sorta like Anaheim 2 on the 360 tour). The second half... while not bad, just didn't hit the highs of what came before (and how could they considering how front-loaded TJT is?). Don't get me wrong, I loved hearing a lot of the album's deeper cuts for the first, and most likely last, time, but as the show went on (and knowing how the rest of the night, for the most part, would play out), the novelty of the show kinda wore out its welcome for me. I dunno; maybe I was hoping for more of a statement from the band regarding the apparent impetus for touring the album. Sure, Exit was glorious... I guess I just wanted more of that lol. There seemed to be a bit of a disconnect (for me, at least) between why U2 chose to tour The Joshua Tree again, and how they presented it on stage.

Well I guess that's that. Enjoyed both shows, but preferred I&E, and kinda sad that I won't be seeing the band on this tour (though the fact that they're not playing a handful of my favorites from SoE mildly mollifies my dismay).

IE had the novelty factor.
I am a huge Achtung Baby fan and I think we got like 6 AB songs at London EI
JT was worse by some distance.

EI may have taken it if they had kept in some of the classics.
After seeing E&I at London 1 I'd say it's the best by far. Absolutely brilliant, spine tingling etc. It did help having seats close to the front behind the stage. Band were up close and personal a lot. And loved the set list. Bono was smiling a lot looking behind him at the crowd during I will follow and Gloria. He seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself, edge was also playful with the crowd behind the stage. Just loved it I really did.
Never saw an i+E show, because they never came close to my city.

Saw them on JT30 twice, Kansas City was by far one of the best shows they seemed a lot more relaxed.

Could have saw an E+i show but had to work, friend of mine went and said it was good, but just lacks the pizzazz.

I think that JT30 was merely a cash cow, to see if they could play stadiums one last time, and they did. Odd that there was a greater demand for JT30 than there was for i+E/E+i...
E/I for the AB set/Macphisto/narrative.
I/E narrowly second.

JT30 dead last . Nostalgia, laughable encore.
I loved 2015 M of Joey as an opener Cwood Road i just just loved the whole album SBS with that screen was amazing 1 my fave tracks
JT loved getting too see al the older stuff LIVE i just hated Twickenham tho.
2018 another great show so glad i got too see ZS The Fly & Wild Horses

Really cant say which is best they all amazing in there own ways
Seeing A Sort of Homecoming and Acrobat live in a 12 month stretch made my decade. I think I'd go TJT2017, then E+I, then I+E. All good tours though.

I saw I+E in MSG, TJT2017 - Chicago 2, TJT2017 in Kansas City, and E+I in Omaha.
My conclusions here are that the I+E Europe leg and the E+I Europe leg far beat everything else on the three tours. I’m partial to how I+E Europe especially turned out. Some DAMN good setlists and really emotional performances.
Copenhagen 2, Stockholm 4, and Metlife 2 where all great to me. Especially how well Copenhagen 2 turned out with UF, Wild Horses etc.
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