I don't think I want an anthemic closer this time around...

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Sep 7, 2004
Kettering, Ohio
I don't think I want an anthemic closer like "40" or Walk On this time around. I think I would prefer a quiter, mellower, crowd-sing-a-long-ish closer, in the vein of Can't Help Falling In Love during ZooTV or Wake Up Dead Man during Popmart. In that vein, I think Neon Lights would be perfect. I think to hear 'this city's full of lights' at the end of the show would be spine-tingling.

I know most will disagree with me but so be it.
Maybe Even "One Step Closer"?

"One step closer to knowing, one step closer to knowing, to knowing, to knowing......"
I fail to see how 40 is anthemic. It's not as if it's Pride.

But if we want something a quieter, mellow song ... SCARLET! :wink:
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