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Nate Dogg

Jun 7, 2000
South Florida
I have had the recent misfortune of losing my hard drive(have a new one now that works great....). I lost everything I did since December(the last time I backed anything up), and was wondering if you,my fellow interferencers, would share some of your favorite and/or interesting links, since many of those that I lost I discovered while browsing these parts of the forum. Specifically, I am looking for the new version of F.L.O.M. bootleg guide, any bootleg artwork pages, and, of course, pages with live MP3s posted. You never think anything of your bookmarked pages until you lose all of them...:sad:

BTW, I NEVER forgot the address for this Page!....

I use Yahoo regularly, so I have most of the common U2 sites, but have discovered that there are lots that aren't listed...
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