good beginner amp and question

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Dec 20, 2005
Hull, UK
when i got my guitar i got a small practice amp with it. not sure what watt it is though.
the thing is when i play a song like COBL intro (or a song with delay), when i blend the slides together the 2 sounds get distorted.

is my fx too powerful for the little amp to handle?
whats the best/cheapest powerful amp to get thats i deal for non-pro?

thnaks :)
Best and cheap don't usually mix. As a firm believer in tube amps I know however they don't come cheap.

Still, best advice I can give you is find a good music store, take your effects rig with you, plug it in and try things out. The amp has to make your sound sound good. Only by taking your effects and guitar along will you know. And better you know how it will sound before you buy, then buy another lemon.
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