German court outlaws circumcision for boys

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I like the idea that because one has a religious belief, that the law should not apply to them.

Seriously. It's amazing how much crap has been allowed to occur under the guise of "religious practices". I'm with you, if it harms other people, I don't really care about the religion of those involved at that point. You're endangering someone's life and that needs to be stopped.

Yeah, I've never heard of people doing that before now, either, and I really don't get such a practice. Especially in this day and age, 'cause, um, last I checked, we DO have things available to stop bleeding-band-aids, gauze, cloth, etc.... So why rabbis are doing that, I don't know. But I'm with those who think this should be stopped. I don't get the point, and it just sounds dangerous and stupid and creepy.

I feel for the families whose children died or were infected through this.
I could see how people would take this sexually, but I honestly didn't even go there with my thoughts. I don't think this is a sanatary method for stopping the bleeding.

Maybe 5000 years ago it seemed like a OK idea, but it's not. There is serious harm that can be done by doing this, and a child doesn't have any say in this manner. And it's not the child's fault if it's parents aren't very bright or are willing to ignore medical advice and data that states complications or even death can come from this.

We used to think that spitting on someone's wound would heal them (or choose whatever favorite relic you like), but we don't do that anymore. So again, why is this acceptable?
Oh my god that's disgusting

I don't mean to insult ultra-orthodox Jews, but at least from my outside perspective...
Oh my god that's disgusting

I don't mean to insult ultra-orthodox Jews, but at least from my outside perspective...

Let me finish that thought for you

".....I have a more objective and rational opinion. It's a disgusting practice. Also, I take back what I said about caring if I insult anyone. Also, Jive Turkey is like, totally the smartest and coolest person I've ever spoken with"
Niederman said the research linking metzitzah b’peh to infant deaths is “full of holes,” adding that the ritual is performed safely “tens of thousands of times a year” worldwide, and that babies who aren’t circumcised can also acquire herpes shortly after birth.

This is my favorite quote right here. Two perfectly true statements that do nothing to actually refute the fact that rabbis are introducing a potentially deadly infectious agent to an open wound on an infant with an immature and naive immune system.

Damn your science.

In the rest of the civilized world, the foreskin is crushed with a metal clamp before it is cut so there isn't as much bleeding. Good times.
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