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Sep 7, 2004
Kettering, Ohio
An overlooked classic from 'October'

Everything in this song is great. One of the most underrated songs of the early era. Give it a listen. I listened to it in bed the other night and it gave me the chills.

Edge is especially good on this track - he really makes it his towards the end.
I agree! There was a Survivor round that DaveC put together about a year ago, and I couldn't believe how early "Fire" was booted. I love the song, definately one of my favorites from the early U2 era :D

EDIT: I still think it would be best if the song was trimmed a bit, though...maybe cut 30 seconds to a minute out or something :eek:
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Fire is an absolutely sensational track and was awesome live. :rockon:
Absolutely. We need to start a global mass-media campaign to have the CD of Boy rereleased with the early, rough snippet of 'Fire' that came after 'Shadows and Tall Trees' on the vinyl version. Or does anyone's CD version actually have this? Mine doesn't, and I can't play my vinyl any more.
IMHO the entire album is often overlooked.

It's my #4 U2 album.

Fire is great, my favourite musical parts, Adam doing those rumbling bass lines then Edge comes in with that piercing guitar towards the end... :yes:
Somehow I still can't appreciate the song 'Fire' even as I listen to it every now and then. I like "I Fall Down" a lot more. It should have been released as the other single from October instead of 'Fire.'
the tourist said:
Then again, I love every single song off of October....

As do I. I can't comprehend why it is ranked so lowly by many.
Yeah, I love Fire, and I wish they would play it live again, or at least something off the October album, especially Gloria.

I hadn't heard about the rough version of Fire being after Shadows and Tall Trees on the vinyl version of Boy.
Fire is cool...but I'd rather hear "I Through A Brick..." Let Larry go nuts on those drums a bit...that would rock.
The only songs I don't like on October are 'Brick' (nice drums, shite song) & 'Stranger in a Strange Land'.

The rest of the album I like as much as Boy, and far more than war (weakest album).

The 'Rejoice', 'Fire', 'Tomorrow', 'October', 'With a Shout' sequence is one of the band's best ever, and of course...

theres 'Gloria'.. :drool:
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