enter the interferencer pagent!!!1111

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Oct 8, 2001
Malibu Whortense? Dream Crack House?
okay everyone. i want to crown somebody mr., mrs., ms. or miss interference for the year 2002. i really don't care who, and i don't discriminate.

how can you do possibly be mr., mrs., ms., or miss interference for 2002?

very simple. in one post, make your best effort to please me. it can be incredibly intellectual, incredibly silly, thoughtful, whatever...and the post i find the most enjoyable will win.

this pagent will be open until sunday, december 9th at 2:00 pm (pst), which is also the clock at which interference.com is set to. any posts after this time will be automatically disqualified from the competition. anyone who decides to make more than one post, only their first post will be considered. editing is not allowed, as there is no way i can tell whether you edited it past the deadline or not, and, as such, edited posts will be disqualified.

the only exception is that, if you really hate your old post, to edit it, blank it completely out, and then make a new post. i will ignore anyone's first posts that are blanked out in this fashion. malibu whortense isn't completely a bitch, but you must do this before the deadline if you wish to exercise this right!

inquiries will be allowed in this post, as long as "***INQUIRY***" is prominently stated on the top, so i do not constitute it as your competition post.

so think hard and think well, folks. good luck.

~whortense wiffin
walla walla, washington
Well Whortense I am going to put myself out there for Miss Interefernce because I am, as they say in Latin "the bomb diggity."

In the words of Jurrasic 5 "I'm not tryin to say my style is better than yours, I just pulled some other shit, I'm all about the beats and the lyrics, so when you hear it you can feel it, the vibe is in the jives like the presence of my spirit."

Whortense vote for the punk community as a whole, vote noti.

Please repeat the message, it's the music that we choose.
Crown me now I demand you.
(jk please dont disqualify me lol)

Reason #1 I contribute my small chunk of knowledge, whether it be U2 related, computer related etc. to Interference.

Reason #2 I do and will help anyone with posting questions, i.e. pictures, I will go as far as to post them for them. Taking a large chunk of time out of my busy day.

Reason #3 I'm funny.

Reason #4 I think Ryan Philippe is hot.

Reason #5 I have sucessfully managed to outpost everyone on this board.

Reason #6 I always reply to your posts.

Reason #7 Whortense (including all other handles) is hotter than anyone else on this board.

Reason #8 MOO and GAO are my two favorite sayings.

Reason #9 That crown would look really good on me.

Reason #10 I have never closed any of your threads.

Thank you.


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I hate to be the one to say this, but Ryan Phillipe bears a striking resemblance to Justin Timberlake of NSYNC! Eeek!

Originally posted by LarryMullen's_POPAngel:
*pssst* Whortense, I guarantee you this if you vote me in:


That's all, please remember me come election time.

boom cha, boom cha.................discotheque!
Elect me mr.interference,
I don't know the art of karate and I can't kick very high but those are my only downfalls...aside from that I'm your best pick.
And I've heard that in just the right lighting my face can look alright.

If you take a drive, I'll tax the street
If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat
If you get too cold, I'll tax your heat
If you talk a walk, I'll tax your feet
I'm the taxman!
Originally posted by Hewson:
I should be Mr. interference 2002 for one reason only:
I am NOT DB9!

LMAO!!! Ok-you've got my vote-but it is up to Whortense, after all

But you DO lose if the criteria is 'how many times have you'jumped' Bono'

If you are really good friends with The Edge, you can just call him The~ Adam

The right side of my brain is kinda redundant~ Larry
Originally posted by Hewson:

I am NOT DB9!


..Now this much is true..
Hewson, YOU are no DB9, other than taking occassional pot-shots at me,what are YOU doing w/your life?
And DON'T bring up the thumb-wrestling match inwhich YOU cheated..

And GinaMarie I will let you slide bcuz you're a chick..and I was raised to never fight w/a lady..and I will ignore YOUR periodic feeble swipes at my nearly-impeccabledimoncharacter..

And Whortense this does NOT count as an entry..

Thank You


"...The big guy is made of STEEL." - Bono as we stood together on stage at Boston #4, June 9th, 2001.

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Oh come on now Diamond-you know I love you

Remember-'the joker is the best card'

What's good for the goose is good for the gander

You're my 1st runner-up Mr. Interference-after z edge

If you are really good friends with The Edge, you can just call him The~ Adam

The right side of my brain is kinda redundant~ Larry

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Ohh, Ohh, pick me, pick me!!!! I should win Mr. Interference because I am a legless, armless boy. I am so dedicated to U2 I use my nose to type in my messages. Don't worry your mind over the fact that it's impossible to make capital letters with just your nose. Just understand that I am so devoted to U2 that the basket I live in never leaves this computer unless I am being taken to some kind of U2 or U2 related event. I am your number 1 choice. Remember come election time "I've got no legs!!"

"I swore to my father I'd never do hamster-style again."

"looking for the sound thats gonna drown out the world
looking for the father of my two little girls
got the swing got the sway got my straw in lemonade
looking for the face i had before the world was made." - MOFO
Originally posted by Gina Marie:
What's good for the goose is good for the gander

Unless the goose likes milk, and the gander is lactose intolerant.

"I don't know you,
But you don't know the half of it..."
the miss 2002 should go to Achtung Bebe, mind you shes only one of the few i have seen pics of in here and she is sooo hot!!!

so I'd have to go with her!
Originally posted by Nancy:
I hate to be the one to say this, but Ryan Phillipe bears a striking resemblance to Justin Timberlake of NSYNC! Eeek!

Don't ever speak of this again! You will upset Malibu Whortense! Lies, it's all lies!


Remember the goul.

Shake n' bake
Do whatever it takes

I know I am Mrs Interference. But these are the reasons why I am anyway.

Barbie is better than Malibu Stacey. I had 13 barbies when I was younger (like last year), and they were always colour co-ordinated. Shoes and handbags are an important accessory. I chopped their hair off and it never grew back.
I have a Masters degree in Macrame.
I know how to build a retaining wall. I know which is the largest single span bridge in the world. I have a bit of a thing for bridges in general, as well as canter-levering and plate glass construction. Glass is NOT a solid material. Walter Gropius was once my idol.
I can clip a dog's coat and not make it look like a poodle with a bad perm.
I do not have a problem with poodles per se.
I do not suffer hangovers.
I can and do beat males with small dicks and even smaller engines at traffic lights.
I donate money to charities all the time.
I was spelling champion in year 2,3,4,5 and 6. But I do not know the times table very well due to an illness when my school class learnt it, but I have a calculator, so this does not count.
Roadworks fascinate me.
Construction crews do not.
I never forget to feed my animals.
Hebe's are my 2nd favourite plant, after Gardenia's.
I can multi task while doing housework.
I am still to meet anyone who hates icecream.
I dont read emails.
I dont answer the phone.
If I were president, I'd make alarm clocks illegal. It violates your freedom.
I am not offended by anyone smoking while I'm eating, as long as they aren't offended by my eating while they smoke.
I think a spade is most definately a spade, unless it is a shovel, then it becomes a shovel.
I have changed career direction 37 times.
I believe that McDonalds is ok for vegetarians as I am yet to find evidence of animal products in their food, and dare anyone to show me otherwise. Hairs in your burger do not count. I dont believe it to be a burger anyway unless there is a slice of beetroot on it.
I used to believe in justice, but now think the legal system is a back door for the guilty.
I never follow recipes. I take calculated risks in my kitchen.
I dont like silk.
American Indian culture is the most interesting in the world. Speaking of culture, aliens did not build the pyramids. If a species could travel to earth, do you really think they would leave behind a pile of rocks in the shape of a triangle, with mummified bodies inside?
I can change a tyre, replace a fuse wire, and fill in my own tax return, but choose not to.
I can read the Karma Sutra in Korean.
I know 30% about everything and 70% about nothing. This equals 100%, so dont tell me I dont know what I'm talking about.
I have the attention span of an axolotl, so am not telling you anymore about myself, because I'm bored with it.

"I think, therefore I um..."
i have decided that i will choose a mr. and a mrs./ms./miss interference--basically one boy and one girl--for 2002.

now it will be like homecoming queen and king all over again!!!!1111

keep the entries coming. to be fair, i will not comment on any of the current entries.

~whortense wiffin
walla walla, washington
Originally posted by Diamond The U2 Patriot:

Why I do believe Diamond is rendered 'speechless'...

*notes this historic moment in Interference history *

Whortense-if you vote me 'Ms.Interference', I will have President Bush expel Reese Witherspoon from the United States- he could just say she's a spy or something-and Ryan will be all yours.

If you are really good friends with The Edge, you can just call him The~ Adam

The right side of my brain is kinda redundant~ Larry
i must remind people carefully read the rules. several of you here are flippantly writing messages when the directions explicitly say one post, no edits.

this all can be rectified, as stated in the instructions.

~whortense wiffin
walla walla, washington
Originally posted by MikeSt:

the miss 2002 should go to Achtung Bebe...

I should be Miss Interference of the year 2002 because MikeSt said so... and seeing that he appears to be unregistered now (what's up with that) then his final request should be followed up on, don't you agree tense whore...erm... whortense?

Oh yeah and I'll promise to post a multitude of Ryan Phillipe pictures if I am chosen--that way I can hold you in suspense and then unveil the jewels. Sounds niiiiice, doesn't it?!?!?!
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