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Jul 29, 2000
belfast ireland
elvis i was wonderin, r u goina be changin the design of interference.com cause of the new album ,to get away from pop? if so will it have to be closed down or n e thing? oh and wat about the forum name as well, im not trying to a annoy you by the way but as bono says it, kiss the future, fuck the past! sorry!!

achtung baby, ich liebe u2 weil bono ist sehr toll und u2 ist gut fur musik in irland. (i got a b in my german gcse yesterday!)

ive just worked out this shouldnt really go in this forum, feel free to move it or delete it or wat ever

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i meant change the design of the site not the name, interference (which is a good choice
). and i meant would it be closing down like for a couple of days or something if that was the case so it could be changed. i dont know much about websites so dont shoot me or anything if none of that makes sense to you.
Yeah, this thread really belongs in the Suggestion Box, so I've moved it after this post (leaving a copy in its original spot as a marker for others).

Anyway, Elvis has left the building, at least for a few days, so he probably won't be able to answer your questions for a while.

I can tell you that the name Interference is probably here for a good long while.
And the site was actually redesigned last summer and we're in the midst of U2 frenzy (duh), so I doubt any major changes, particularly those that would close the site, will occur soon.

And about changing the names of the forum and its members -- I think we're still collecting feedback, pun intended.

But again, I'm not the one to ask, and Elvis may take his time to give you answer.

- Achtung Bubba

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