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Mar 13, 2002
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Anyone have any pics of Bono or really anyone famous with some sort of drop the debt or jubilee 2000 logo in the picture? It's for a project on debt cancellation.
Do your own homework, dammit. Don't pawn it off on us!! :mad:

:laugh: :wave:

Not sure if I do or not...I'll look through the pics I have...I'm sure somebody has some though!!
Will that do? I can keep looking, I have some more of him going around speaking and crusading.
oooh...thanks u2kitten! :)

*edit* if you wouldn't mind posting one or two, it'd be really nice..
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Here's one of him speaking for Jubilee in DC in the fall of 2000- it has a sign but it doesn't say Jubilee. There are 2 more from this trip I'm still looking for.

Thanx, Kitten, that's the only one I've got too besides one where he's holding a "drop the debt" something or other..... I basically just need one or two really good ones for the top corner of a website. All the hundreds I have of him speaking don't say anything in the background or give any indication of what he's doing.
If I find any more I'll post them. I can't get the old dropthedebt website to come up. There might be some somewhere on datadata.org. but I haven't found them. Maybe Sherrry Darling has some?
Do I have Bono doing debt relief. :LOL: That's a good one, Kitty.

AT CID speaking on Debt Relief

At Harvard's Graduation


Can't forget where it all started...



(Don't know what that last one is doing there-- except looking hot! :))

There are more on the Angel's website (link in my sig), Harvard's website, CCN, etc, too, if your still thirsty. :D Anybody able to find that one with him in front of the computer, and the screen says Drop the Debt?

And...since ya'll brought it up...have YOU sent your letter yet to drop the debt? :angel:

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Sherry Darling said:
At Harvard's Graduation

I'ma have to disagree with that...
this is Bono at the Harvard Graduation thing

that pic is from the roof of the Clarance, probably during the Top of the Pops thing, here's another picture from up there

check the background

that is all :wave:
thanx guys, but once again, it's gotta have it in writing, y'know, so "normal" people would see the pic and understand that it's Bono doing his debt relief thing. Some sort of indication....
Tabby said:
NOTE: please post to let me know if you have saved it yet or if you don't want to save it so I can delete it, it's run my boomspeed acct. way over :crazy: Thank you and hope it helps!:)

yes, that's the one... *rightclicksave*

not sure about the location of the pic I posted-- just going by what I'd seen earlier...

nevermind....got it from ellen. thanks though! you guys helped a lot! here's hoping this presentation helps the cause!
Good work girls, any way we can get the word out helps! :) :up: :angel:

Sherry- thanks for posting Icelady's rosary pic!! :heart: :drool: :combust:
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