Do you think any of the members of u2 saw "The Passion?"

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The Fly
Jun 18, 2002
I think Bono might of saw it and maybe Edge.I have not heard Bono say anything about the movie yet though:eyebrow:
I don't know. But, it would be really interresting to read their comments about the film. Especially Bono's, since he is the most vocal about his spiritual beliefs. Where, the other three members of U2 seem, at least to me. To be more private.
Elvis said:
Bono doesn't seem to like Mel Gibson much anymore after the whole MDH incident.

What happened then? I haven't heard anything about an incident ...
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Mel Gibson said the movie was "boring" when it first came out. Bono obviously wasn't too happy with that.
He said something to the effect of "it was boring as a dog's ass". I actually liked it, it was slow at times, but wasn't horrible for a first stab at writing.
I actually really liked that movie. (I've seen it twice, and bought the DVD.:reject: ) The history between Bono and Mel Gibson goes way back to the early 90's, when Bono first tried to get the movie made. It was all set to go, with Gibson and Wynona Ryder as the stars, but Bono and Mel had a BIG clash over the choice of director. Gibson absolutely refused to go with Bono's choice, and of course, no Mel, no movie. Many years passed, and Bono finally (and a bit sneakily) got Wim Wenders to direct. But that's a whole other story.
TheBrazilianFly said:
But did Bono ever say anything about Gibson's commentary about the movie?

I can remember a couple of comments Bono made. He said that dealing with Gibson was like being sat on by a 600 pound gorilla (or words to that effect). More pointedly, he also said that anyone who didn't like the movie had obviously not understood it, so they should watch it again. Pretty cheeky, no? I loved that comment.
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