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Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) is really previous to the Surrealistic Movement, André Breton writes his manifesto in 1924, the first Spanish surrealist artists are artists who are living in France at the time, as Picasso, Miró, Buñuel, Dalí, some of them abandoned the movement later (Picasso and Miró for example).
Gaudí's style is defined as Modernismo Catalá as an extension of the European Art Decó in Catalunya, his main works are architectural, he's very much involved with the use of geometrical forms which hadn't been used in architecture previously, such as the parabolic curve and the use of organic forms taken from nature (here there is a strong connection with the claw, for example), he was deeply religious and the death of his most intimate relatives and friends in his latter years made him turn completely into the building of the Sacred Family, although he was a Catalonian nationalist his religiosity took him apart from most of the supporters of this movement and these are the atheists he mainly reacts against.

EDIT to post this pretty pic I've found of the Sacred Family Vault:

Beautiful picture, Marien! I hope to go to Barcelona this summer, but it's not very close from where we're staying.
Here are a few images of Casa Batllo:

The roof is also spectacular!
Beautiful picture, Marien! I hope to go to Barcelona this summer, but it's not very close from where we're staying.

I hope you can arrange it, Barcelona is a beautiful city and there is much more than Gaudi's buildings, there's the gothic cathedral and mediaval streets, el Palau (a concert hall) and many other Modernist buildings by other authors, a whole area in the outskirts of the city with plenty of museums in Montjuit. When I go there, I like rambling at dusk through the "ramblas" towards the sea, at the weekends there are many street artists there too, I also recommend you visit Parque Güell (a park near the Camp Nou) and La Pedrera or Casa Milá, the only Gaudi's housebuilding which can be visited in the inside, it is decorated with modernist furniture and you can get onto the roof to admire it, the Pasei de Gracia is full of modernist jewels, if you like cubism, there are many things there to see, especially related to Juan Gris. Hope you go there soon!

La Pedrera


Parque Güell



Yes, you're absolutely right! I've seen the whole city and I just can't get enough! There's too many beautiful things to see!:hyper:

One of my favourite areas is the Barri Gotic. And I also love to stroll along the Ramblas to the harbour and have some good food there! I just love the Spanish food!

It's been a while since I've been to Barça, but I'm sure I'll go for a few days, if possible. I'm staying in Palamós, it's pretty close to Gerona and we don't have a car. When are you going to Barça?
When are you going to Barça?

Thank you so much, I don't really know when I'm going to Barna again, I went to the concerts in June and July and I've been travelling a bit with the tour this summer, I have some friends in Barna and they want me to visit them, but I don't think it will be very likely until October or maybe December when I have 5 days off, the Christmas market in the Barri Goti is awsome. But you aren't so far away (I'm 600 km. away), have you checked out if there is a train or a bus from Girona to Barna? there should be some public transport connection with the ciy. I hope you enjoy your stay in Spain and, of course, our food.
Thank you so much! When you are going to Barcelona during Christmas time, I bet it's going to be beautiful!

Do you live in Spain?

There is a train connection between Girona and Barcelona, but we're staying in Palamós, so we have to take the bus to Girona first and the bus schedules, especially the Costa Brava area, really suck! There is a bus that only rides twice a day, so if the train from Barcelona to Girona runs late, we will not be able to take the bus back to Palamós.
But it's been a few years since I've been to Spain, so things might have changed.

I can't wait till saturday!:hyper:
Have a nice holiday! Hope you don't find terribly high temperatures, we've been having heat waves all over the summer this year, yes, I live in Spain, I'm from Madrid, so, as you can see, the topic about people from Madrid hate Barcelona and viceversa is completely false. Not sure about Catalunya, but public transport in Spain in general has been implemented a lot in the last 10 years, the short term railway where I live is one of the best in Europe. Anyway have the best of times! Wait for your news!
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