Christmas Hollie- Tidings of Joy ( some U2 content...some)

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Aug 1, 2000
I'd like to share a story that in one way ends today, but really it is just the beginning.
Where do I begin? With music maybe?
I was a young bride some say, with a dream of living a simple life. I lived in what some may say, unusual circumstance ( isolated location, no electricity, in a tent) I was so happy. I didn't know a soul in the area I had moved to. Hub and I went along to see an Aussie band the "Bushwackers". There we met a couple who lived not too far from us, in similar circumstances. The woman was about 15 years older than me, a nursing sister. She had 2 beautiful daughters. They invited us to visit and we became very good friends. She opened her heart and home to me and taught me so much about organic gardening and living cheaply and staying happy.

One day she told me she was pregnant again, and 9 months later, so was I, for the first time. On Christmas Eve ( which is today here and why I am writing this)she gave birth to Hollie and the following September, I had my first child, Tomas.

They were inseperable as toddlers. Each Wednesday she stayed with us,each Friday, he visited with her family. We helped them build their house, they helped us build our shed, we had lots of dinner parties and went to the beach and camped in national parks together.Hollie was Tom's "Best Friend", as her mother was mine. Her home and heart were always open to us. I owe her so much.Unfortunately when they started school, they drifted apart a bit. The boys played with boys, the girls played with girls.

Anyway during the year Hollie was 15 she was sick a lot, just couldn't shake off feeling a bit ill. Fortunately a lump came up on her shoulder, it was biposied, it was lymphoma. One her 16th birthday she was rushed to Brisbane to begin chemo and radiation therapy. It was harrowing for us who could only wait and pray and very sickening for our precious girl, she is a tiny thing.Every two weeks she had the long drive and what seemed the even longer drive home from the city hospital.We did what we always do as a community, we put on a dance to raise some money to help them. Our local and very good "bushband" Gaelforce Erin, did not hesitate to donate their services. A lot of us were already learning celtic folk dancing. Hollie's parents in particular, are devotees of traditional Irish music and dance. I began organising and promoting in earnest. The dance was scheduled for early March.
I had to have one night of fun before then though. My favourite band were on tour....U2... I went to see them for the second time in my life, in late February,Popmart in Brisbane...woohoooo. I had written out an invitation for U2 to come along to our dance if they liked.As it turned out I ended up near the B-stage that night and could have almost hand-delivered the invitation to Bono, but thought "nah- you're dreaming sister" and threw it in a bin on my way out of the venue.Anyway our dance was a success without them and they had to do a show in Jo-burg SA and go home to their babies after a long tour. Even without them we still raised $3000 that night to help with Hollie's medical expenses.

The treatment was successful, and she went in to remission. But there is always that slight fear, it may return. It is said if you are in remission for 5 years, you are considered cured.( although a sad thing happened, the band leader of Gaelforce Erin, a sweet gentle man recently lost his wife. She had breast cancer 7 years ago, survived , but it returned and she died within a few months of diagnosis...she helped Hollie,but we couldn't help her..RIP Brenda "a parting glass" your boys are doing fine)
But I have great faith in Hollie's case. Today is the day!!A cure. The beautiful little girl is 21 years old today and she is powering!!!Living in the city, studying natural therapies, in serious love for the first time, all good.
So I hope this Christams story might make you happy too. I have plans for this evening. The church in my home town , St.Johns, is going to be pulled down soon,so this will be my last chance to attend there. My family will find it odd, but I want to give thanks to everyone for Hollie's life and for the one I have enjoyed so far.That place is very special to me.
My mother always home-made our clothes. She was a bit disappointed when I only had sons. She wanted me to have a girl and call her Peggy( she dropped enough hints) so she could make her pretty dresses. She said overalls and shorts were a bit boring to make, although she always sneaked on fancy buttons and pockets. Whenever she made something for my kids, she'd make extra for my friends kids. She made the whole neighbourhood a set of red superman capes. They were good value, but did superman really have silver sequins trimming his cape?
So here is Hollie and Tomas, in matching "nanna PJ's", a long time ago now.
If you read to the end of this, I hope you can share in my joy at the glad tidings.....she made it!!!


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I love reading stories like these! It made me think of the cyclist Lance Armstrong and his fight with cancer.

It's incredible what human spirit is capable of.

I'm never sure where my stories belong. I don't think Dream Out Loud, that is for art and poetry. This isn't a ZooConfession. I like Lemonade might be the name, I live in a hot hot place, so cold lemonade and a laugh and a hug amongst friends, seems inviting. sorry if I messed up....again!!!
there is some slight U2 content. Do you recall my musral painting 'the bird with the leaf in her mourth" ? Holli'es mum and I did a lot of fund raising to get a community preschool built in our area. We started it up with volunteers in an old abandoned church. This was our first Christmas content, they did a nativity play (sweet) and heer they are singing
One Two Three Four Five
Once I caught a fish alive...
( it's the song that taught me left from right...a golden oldie imho)
So the U2 content? Hollie is holding the #2:wink:

Mery Christmas musiclovers:wave:
Stay warm U2girl -thanks

sometimes my connection is so slow...and other times( when i don't want it to be...typical) it is lightning fast, like now. I forgot to attach the pic, hit stop...too late.


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I just said in another thread how i love your stories and you post another one heehee :cute:

Thats a really nice story- im glad shes doing well!

Happy Christmas :wave:

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