Brandon Boyd Inspired By Elevation Tour

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Jul 11, 2001
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Incubus Finds Inspiration From U2
Launch, May 09, 2002

Neal Weiss

As Incubus ventures across the country on its first arena tour ever, band frontman Brandon Boyd has found inspiration in what is perhaps the preeminent large-venue rock act around, U2.

Boyd saw U2 for the first time at New York's Madison Square Garden during the Irish group's recent tour, and came away impressed by their approach to the giant rock show. He tells LAUNCH, "I'd never seen them play before and I was like, 'Whoa!' you know? It was wild. They brought, like, a tastefulness into an arena that I'd never seen before," he says. "Other arena shows that I had seen, it was like explosions and barnyard animals running and, you know, people throwing up in the aisles."

Boyd continues, "There's ways you can do certain things and there's ways that people decide to do them that sometimes become known as the rock 'n' roll way, I guess you could say, the way that it's done. But then I went and saw this band U2, this little band from Ireland, and they did it in a way that was a little bit more -- in my opinion -- the way that it should be done."
yea i just read that. it was kind of cool eventhough i dont like incubus. the only thing about the article i didnt care for was when he said "little band from ireland"
I believe he was being completely sarcastic here saying 'little band from Ireland'-in other words, they are anything but...

He obviously thinks very highly of them.
Originally posted by Gina Marie:
Yes-very good work w/ the smilies Diamond.

But whatever happened to The U2 Patriot?


Just toning down the rhectric and brash tones is all.


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incubus will go far. i didn't like them when they first started making videos and had songs played on the radio. they were lumped together with a bunch of crappy bands that came out of the 98-99 era, a lot of those bands are gone, but incubus are still around. their second album showed a more grown up sound. in a lot of ways they parallel a young U2.

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Originally posted by david:
in a lot of ways they parallel a young U2.
if you dismiss the 'quality' factor

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Ever noticed that any band that someone likes on this board they compare to a young U2? I remember a post comparing Linkin Park and one of their songs to I Will Follow a while back. Funny how people work...
It's all PR... sing some praises about another big band, just to brown-nose other fans.

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Funny, i just bought "Morning View" a little bit ago. Yes, I like Incubus. And Braydon Bond is a smart little fellow.

Don't look now...
Thanks Gina.
And now I know who Boyd Brandon is too.


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Um, it's Brandon Boyd Diamond



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Ah .
Right,the little Brandon fellow.

Think I got it right now.


PS- How ya like my smiles Gina?

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