Bono....the Democrat?

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The Fly
Jun 18, 2002
It seems to me the stances Bono takes on some issues leads me to believe that he has the views of a democrat,though I know he is Irish but if he was american born do you think he would be a liberal?:hmm: Eitherway I Love myself some B-man:drool:
i think he would be as he is .. kinda on the side of whoever can do him the most good in America. That is to say he will work with whever he has to , to make a difference..

I don't think he would like being associated with any political party..

the lad is pretty non partisan.. he is more about the moral and values..
Actually, I don't see Bono as having a political agenda at all, but very definitely a moral and indeed biblical one. The ultimate left-winger was Christ. And as Bono recently said, "I don't support any political party. I like to party!"
By the way, please define "liberal", one of the most overused and misunderstood words of this time.
I'd say he's liberal with social causes, but when it comes to his own "hard earned cash" he'd be more conservative.

That's not based on truth; just a hunch.

It seems most of the wealthy in the world are more conservative than the majority, who whether they admit it or not, are liberal (i.e. supportive of good, Christian values like charity and goodwill toward everyone).

So I'm left with a Bono who preaches liberal ideas, donates his time to helping the world's poor, and sits on a huge nest egg back in Dublin. Hmmmm...I'd say he's good role model for the wealthiest among us. :)

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I think that Bono's relation to American political parties is the equivalent to Americans' relation to foreign political parties: he doesn't care, and he doesn't ever have to. He can never vote in our elections, so he might as well not get involved in partisan politics.

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