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May 14, 2001
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Henry Rollins seems to me like the guy in Amadaeus who was so jealous of Mozart because he was great and 'God's own beloved' and he was only a 'mediocre.' Rollins says he hates Bono, but it's obvious that Bono is better, greater, more popular, more talented and loved more worldwide! There have also been rumors of Rollins wanting to kill Bono(just like the guy in the movie was trying to kill Mozart) and quotes by Rollins that 'if Bono's life ended tommorrow it would not be a moment too soon' and the fact that if they met in a ring the beefy Rollins could break our poor Bono in half. I'm sure Bono's security keeps an eye out for him. Rollins can't stand Bono because he's so much better in every way. Does anyone else have any comments on this topic, or my analogy? How about someone writing us a parody of Amadeaus using Bono and Rollins as the main characters!

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I had a thread about this earlier..but anyway I had an encounter w/Henry sort of..

I went to a Rollins Show recently w/a sign that read-
The Rollin's fans quickly ushered me thru the mosh pit hoping to get a reaction out of Henry.
Henry squints and reads the sign. We pt. at eachother thru the smoke and mist seperated only by a few feet. He got the message.
Next Rollins fans were patting me on the back and saying 'good job'.

DiamondMission accomplished..

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Originally posted by Diamond The U2 Patriot:
I went to a Rollins Show recently w/a sign that read-

so are you a fan or were you simply going to stir up some hoo hah?

we are no closer than we were yesterday.
I love that play/movie! I cry every time he dies! Poor Mozart. But Requiem is now one of my favorite pieces of music. Sick, huh? A death mass is my fav piece of music!

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I have always wondered about this. I have heard Rollin's rants about how much U2 sucks and so on and how much he hates Adam and Larry and Edge can't play the guitar. I have heard the soundbite from VH1 about he thinks U2 wants to be the Ramones and hate that they aren't.

You know those kind of people that are always talking about the one thing they hate most and just never drop it? How in the end it turns out they are completely obcessed with that one thing? What happened in the past in Henry Rollins life that he became the worlds largest U2 fan? Its driving him mad is all I can say, and he hates himself for it.

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I have thought from the start the Rollins has a spirit of envie so much about *Bono* that he will not give Bono the same respect that he, Henry gives himself as an artist! As far as the it goes about The Best Band in the world, I have no problem saying to Rollins 'Anytime, anywhere, you want to go up against U2 in a battle of the bands(since this is how they Got their first break!)type of way, in a Arena, pub or parking lot for God's sake, go for it!!!" O f course Rollins' Would be at an extreme disadvantage since he has not in a band anymore! And not Nearly as talented! to Die-I actuall y really really like you now! hee, love n' peace, Rock on with the BEST !



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henry rollins was outstanding in heat.

we are no closer than we were yesterday.
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