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The Fly
Jul 2, 2003
quick question...why does bono always wear glasses...was it cuz his eyes had some sort of problem with the light?
I guess bono wears them because.....THEY LOOK COOL!!!
I're a rockstar, you can do anything...if you wanna wear sunglasses in the winter...DO IT!!!
I think it's cool......
If you look at their live shows' videos, he doesn't wear the glasses for the whole show, so I don't believe he's over sensitive to light. (their concerts use plenty of lighting)

My guess is he puts them on outside, in his "official Bono" meetings - I don't think he wears them when he's at home or with his closest friends/family.
:wink: I thought Bono says he wears them because he NEEDS them on his peepers!! I suppose this means he CAn't wear contacts!! So why not wear really cool glasses?? he-Yeah, if you gotta wear them-wear the cool ones!! :sexywink: :yes:
Well I heard that they're a kind of security blanket for Bono, as a barrier between himself and the world. Apparently the whole celebrity thingy started to overwhelm him, and the glasses came between him and that celebrity thing- watch the clip for HmeTmeKmeKme- there's a bit where there's a newpaper with a pic of Bono flying with a halo above his head, and the caption reads something like- "So righteous, so pure, so what?" and then he fashions the halo into glasses, and then the cartoon Bono is jusxtaposed with a real life pic of him in Fly mode. Another scene has people photographing Bono, and the flashes are blinding him, causing him to stumble and appear confused, and then Larry I think throws him some sun glasses, and Bono puts em on and is strong again.

I think the glasses have something to do with the way Bono remade his image from the late 80's JT uber serious look to the fun, glamorous 90s look. Since then the glasses have become his trademark.

Interestingly, the style of glasses that Bono wore on the Elevation tour 3 years ago have come into fashion here in Australia- dunno if you other countries have em too? And now everyone is wearing them, even people who don't know who Bono is!
Another U2 nut! said:
Well I heard that they're a kind of security blanket for Bono, as a barrier between himself and the world.

yep, that's exactly what i've been thinking, when there is something between you and the rest of the world, you can keep some expressions and feelings to yourself, i think he feels naked without them.
If you read the speech he gave at Harvard in 2001, he claims "these are not sunglasses. These are protection," which I believe lends credibility to the security blanket idea.

Though I have also heard that Bono is allergic to red wine, and it makes his eyes red, though he loves to drink it. So the glasses make photos easier.

I think it's actually a combo of all 3. He's a rock star, he can do what he wants. It looks very very cool. If his eyes are red, that doesn't look to cool. And if he looks and acts and is cool, he doesn't have to worry about the pressure of celebritry with everyone scrutinizing your every move.

If I was a rock star, leather pants and sunglasses everyday.
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