Blondies or Brunettes??

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Oct 8, 2001
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Which attracts you the most?

Personally, I'm a hopeless brunnette lover.

And my fave combination:
Brunnete-Blue eyes


Blondie-Green eyes.


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I prefer black hair on guys. I like some blondes like Robert Plant but in general it's the dark haired ones that hit the right spot for me.

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I'm all over the place with this one.

I have a serious penchant for goth guys - so black hair and green eyes really grab me.

I guess it just depends on the face.

If from behind - blond or black will get my attention the quickest.
You know its funny, but I didnt like blond haired guys and wouldnt consider dating one till i saw Larry!

I still prefer dark haired guys, or guys with light brown hair, but thanks to Larry a blond is now acceptable too!

I guess i also have a thing for blue eyed guys, however, as long as he has gorgeous ones, other colors are also acceptable !

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Originally posted by sulawesigirl4:
Whatever hair colour Edge is hiding under that beanie!

That would be see through color.

Hee hee!

The more of these I drink the more Bono makes sense.. - Bean from the KROQ Breakfast with U2.
Hair colour is really low on the list of physical characteristics that attract me.. I don't really find myself caring at all.
Originally posted by Dorian Gray:
Barg... us red heads always get shafted...

You shouldnt, I LOVE red hair.

However, blonde hair green eyes, brown hair brown or light blue eyes, or red hair and any colour eyes but preferably blue or green.
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