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Aug 9, 2002
I thought I would kick things off for the show tonight. The gates opened about an hour ago in Berlin and there is an 85% chance of rain for the show. Unfortunately, I have to work 12-9 and will not be able to post tonights setlist.

Here is a couple of links

1000MIKES - U2tour On Air

Twitter links

u2gigs (u2gigs) on Twitter

atu2 (atu2) on Twitter (U2log) on Twitter (U2start) on Twitter

Everyone have fun at the party and I look forward to reading everything when I come home tonight
Thanks Laura :wave:

Brownie sundaes, anyone? :drool:

Vincent Vega sent me a picture of the claw this afternoon in the stadium, looked very impressive :love: Probably be hearing from him again tonight when the concert actually starts :)

Believe the support act starts about now, at least that's what I'm hearing from good sources within the stadium :wink:
you call this party? This is a group of nerds playing board games! COME ON, BAND ON IN AN HOUR!
U2 gigs says they got a peek at the setlist and there is one surprise. "It is Berlin related." :hmm:
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