Stockholm #3 Setlist Party (Postponement Discussion)

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Mar 6, 2010
Puerto Rico

If you're not too distracted by American football, the first weekend of Oktoberfest or real life activities and needs a dose of (mostly static) U2 setlists, I could use some company! :wave:

Mixlr to keep an eye on: u2gigs is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio onli...

Show should be starting at 8:30 PM local time, judging from the past two shows.
I am here...will probably be in and out for today's show, but should be listening for most of it.

Ooh, the malfunctioning scanners sound like quite the mess! Looks like that might delay the start of the show a bit.
Phew, New Zealand emerge victorious in their first game of the Rugby World Cup. I can breathe a little easier. Now to lesser matters like this show!
Danm that sucks. I only have about an hour today, I've got no time for delays like that. ?

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Geez I wonder how late this is going to be... I could've stayed in bed even longer!

oh Japan did well in rugby, right?

Yeah their defeat of South Africa is probably the greatest upset in rugby history.
Could possibly derail and delay the show for another day if it doesnt get fixed. Completely and utterly retarded that live nation doesnt have a backup for stuff like this and can "scan" tickets the old fashioned way...:doh:
So if the people can't go inside.... let the band go outside.
Can't believe there is no redundancy in the systems. Even tiny venues here have alternatives should their scanners not work.

(Though I guess options like crossing people off a paper list are easier to do when there's just one entry and the venue holds 1,000 people rather than 15,000.)
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