Vancouver Setlist Party (OPENING NIGHT!)

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Mar 6, 2010
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It's time to come out of the bushes, setlist parties are back! The boys have returned, with The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 kicking off in Vancouver in just a few hours. Members of nearly every U2 fan site will be at tonight's show, so expect to get a lot of reports throughout social media, phone/Wi-Fi signal permitting.

Mumford & Sons is tonight's special guest. They are expected to go on stage sometime after 7:00 PM. No clue as to how long they will be performing. U2 should be taking the stage at around 9:00 PM.

Confirmed Streams:
u2songs is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio onl...

Let's go! :wave:
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We're also hoping to have a U2gigs Mixlr, though no promises:
u2gigs is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio onli...

It's time to come out of the bushes

Unless you're Sean Spicer.

atU2 have tweeted reports of Pride and One Tree Hill's solo being soundchecked. Surprised to see no other reports though. There are enough bloody people outside the stadium! Though the mess of hashtags, with none in uniform use, isn't helping. I don't know why the official people are pushing #U2TheJoshuaTree2017, which is long and unwieldy, totally inappropriate for 140-character tweets. I'm sticking with #JT30 on U2gigs.

I'm on the east coast, so I may not make it to the start. Will be hyped to read the highlights afterwards! Have fun!
Very interested in hearing what the setlist turns out to be. Though I will probably be in bed before it ends, as I have work tomorrow morning. At least I have something nice to wake up to!
They are soundchecking songs they've spent the last two weeks rehearsing, including that Achtung Baby song few of us saw coming
Welcome back. For a pretty unique setlist party. Does anyone know anything about this new joshua tree album? Heard its very retro sounding.
U2 should be starting in about 3 hours. Take a nap. :wink:

Thanks prbiker :D. I'm two cans in to a ten pack, so we'll see how I go. My missus drank (stole) all the wine earlier and retired to slumber. I have to try and maintain my strength, pace and fortitude!

My will is strong.
Oh well, I guess I'll stay up for this. The news this week has been Hell and I'd like to enjoy something on this Friday night. Will probably watch Master of None for the next three hours.
i feel like tonight i should be regretting selling my tickets to the show in my city but i'm surprisingly okay with this.
I just got back from BC Place. For anyone buying merch, do it EARLY. I got to an outside merch stand just after 5pm, and the venue-specific tshirt was already sold out, and the lines were crazy. I'm hoping they still have some inside when I go back.

Can't wait for the show!
Can't wait. Apparently the videos accompanying the JT songs were all made by Anton. Look out for next year's subscriber gift.
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