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shut up. go watch the clip of nickelback getting stoned on stage.

stoned as in, pelted with rocks by fans that know they suck a ton of shit.
they played sigur ros on CSI tonight, the guy was examining a dead girl's body, who had been beaten and accidentally choked (well, I mean by accidentally I don't know what I mean), during some weird S&M shit, anyway, he was examining the body, they used "svefn g englar," very dark and haunting scene...
ooh thats pretty cool.

i like the beginning of that song, but by the end his voice really bugs me.

actually its probably one of my least favorite songs on that album.

but its still cool nonetheless.
yes, I would have to agree with that, the voice gets irritating after a while, they used about the first half of the song, what was stunning is this is a massively popular tv show here, gets big ratings, they used an Elbow song in another episode and Zero 7 in another, and a few others that I wasn't familiar with but wasn't some lame mainstream shit, anyway rest assured they dont play stuff like Elbow or Sigur Ros on MTV or the radio here, the producer/writer of the show must be a pretty cool mofo
i agree with that. but what do you expect? mtv to play something respectful? only rarely.

that nickelback clip is too funny. what a bunch of hosers.
alex lloyd has done really well here.
his last album did pretty well but i didnt like it as much as the one before, black the sun.
dont ask angie about him, she can't stand him.
hes got a lovely lovely voice and is a singer/song writer.
bit of an attitude problem though if u ask me.

his big hit here was 'amazing' but its pretty mellow and poppy for Alex and a bit disappointing. sounds like a travis song.

go for songs off balck the sun. far more superior.

Here he is, he could lose a few kilos couldnt he? :sexywink:
I like Alex Lloyd- although I must admit that the newer stuff is not as good as his first album 'Black the sun'- try any songs from that album wanderer if you want to test run ALex, especially my personal fave - 'My way home'.....and I have seen ALex live a couple of times and found him to be quite good, he has a great stage personality, I hate seeing artists who are way up themselves and dont talk to the audience and all, but Alex has always been very good every time I have seen him and BTW I am going to see the Whitlams on the 2nd of Oct- cant wait as Mr Tim Freedman is the best showman ever and has such a nice vibe on stage, not to mention that he is a nice piece of eye candy aswell;)
well i won't enter the "eye candy debate" Mr Freedman is a great lyricist

"...there's nooooooooo aphrodisiac like loneliness
truth beauty..." "Blow up the pokies! ":yes:
Have fun Aurora. I saw you mention Paul Kelly in another thread...I'll never forget "we started a fire" and Tex Perkins"she speaks a different language" such simple mastery ahhh Aussie singer/songwriters.
I've been absolutely flogging 3 tracks from the Luka Bloom Cd I was given. 3 cover versions, "Dancing Queen", "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" and the best imho, the Mark Seymour song "Throw Your Arms Around Me"(my new quote:heart: )
I've have just been contemplating the depth of talent that comes out of Oz. I saw Carus last night a young WA musician that tours with John Butler Trio sometimes...ahhh music:heart:

Even old Alex Lloyd when he gets it right is OK.(well he kinda looks old)I have a real problem with his enunciation. I sound like a Star Search" judge, but it just grates on my ear for some reason...sorry Alex.

Several years ago my son made an observation about music video industry, that made thnk I was on the right track, He said no matter how well Vanessa Amarosi can sing, the big labels won't go with her because she doesn't have the "look"Sad but true. I read Vanessa was well received in Europe during a recent concert tour:up: Go Girl!!
This morning I saw a new Killing Heidi song on Rage. I like Ella's voice. I hope they do well this summer.

I'm lumping all my humble opinions on Oz music under this heading "Aussies" convenient. **cass sets up a backyard party...woohoo coloured lights**

main reason I called in to ask....has anyone heard the rumour about David Bowie appearing at the Big Day Out? I seem to recall a rumour that U2 may have appeared a couple of years ago , so I'm not getting too excited...yet:heart: :dance:

what was the original Q? nope not been to Alex's digs.....yet!!

Aussie Ausbourne:macdevil:
aka cass:angel: :lmao:
ive seen the whitlams about 3 times, oz
tim is awesome, such a stage presence.

alex lloyd looks like a boy i went to primary school with.
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