August 1: Bono in Eze, not in Marocco!

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The Fly
Sep 23, 2004
21 days ago, me and my wife were in the south of France again (our favourite holiday-country for more than 12 years by now..)
And on wednesday 1 of August we spent the whole day on the beach of Eze sur Mer..!

First of, we didn't expect to see anyone of the band because of their recording sessions in Marocco. But there was some activity...
First of we saw some children playing with "water-canons", a little later Ali, and later on, the sun already began to go down, we saw Bono!

We were of course pleasantly surprised and my heart jumped a few times extra!
He was wearing just a short trouser and a t-shirt and was walking from the big yellow house to the red one! His hair was short (he's wearing it like this for a while now of course) and it looked like it wasn't coloured.. more like his own colour (a little "red-ish") And he was NOT wearing any sunglasses!
I must say, we didn't expext him to be in France at all, because of the recording sessions. But maybe due to the holiday of the kids, I can image they took a little break...

No sign of Edge or anyone else of the band though...

Anyway, this day we were in Eze we didn't (unfortunately!) hear any music or new "evolving beachclips"... hopefully soon to come posted by someone else around here..?
They finished up in Morocco in time for the G8 in Germany. You must have missed the whole tabloid gossip about Bono and Penelope Cruz based on photos taken in St. Tropez at the end of July. July and August are generally their family time in Eze.

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