"As the Heavens Cry"

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The Wanderer

Kid A
Aug 20, 2000
Holy Roman Empire
in a sensual frost

legs intertwined
like delicate beams of light
she hides her innocence
protecting it from night

her smile is soft, upon velvet lips
she opens the sky
and kisses the dawn
lilting sighs...
stary eyes...
they sparkle in a trance

as the morbid romance
rips at her strings

doubts set in
with each sordid touch
is it desire he flaunts
as her paradise is lost?

nerves twisted and frayed
sensations shred the calm
as her hopes are betrayed
and the beauty is gone

innocence screams
as thirsty demons
drink her flesh
in the waves of filthy seasons

his layered grin in her acid eyes,
mercury tears stain the back of his soul,
with tears that bleed down the swollen sun

she hides the ashes
beneath her skirt
an umbrella perched
over an endless hurt

below the surface
beneath quivering lips
ripped skirt, dirty breeze
in his breath
struggling sighs, desperate
unholy and stripped
of illusions and perception
the sun escapes from her eyes
time lofts its torch
hurling it in the air,
she holds it to her heart,
and stops to remember
it's not her fault

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Your recent poems have bothered me, which is obviously the intent...

Very evocative, in its own way, but please write something more hopeful some time
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