ADE: Gator vs Power

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which ade?

  • The Gator

    Votes: 20 76.9%
  • The Power

    Votes: 6 23.1%

  • Total voters


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Dec 20, 2005
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i never had any of them, im jus making the thread for u2vertigofly because he aint premium.
One one side, I generally prefer Powerade because it's one of the AFL sponsers and it's more commonly available around here.

On the other, Gatorade has grape flavoured drinks.

Powerade pwns Gatorade, especially in looks.

However I've never been a big fan of either though.

This is the worst thing I have ever tasted - mother. cant find a pic
This is the worst thing I have ever tasted - mother. cant find a pic

God, that stuff is so disgusting. Almost vomited after one sip. Actually, the only of those high-vitamin/energy drinks I ever really liked was one called Hemp. It was the only one of those drinks that actually made me feel refreshed and on a purely natural, legal high. I only wish it had a different name and logo.


Gatorade, though it has to be Gatorade Rain, Frost, or one of the weird varieties. Regular Gatorade gives me heartburn for some reason...:huh:

:sigh: Getting old....
gatorade easily wins

I drink the lemonlime just like I would milk or coke because it tastes so good
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