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May 20, 2002
Somewhere in NorCal
If you had one day and nite with the band what would you do?

* I love to be able to talk to them all about music and their influences
* If we were in Dublin, I would have them show me around the town vice versa for if we were in my town
* I love to be able to talk to Bono about his deep faith
* Id like to play a game of Billards with Larry
* Id like to talk to Adam about Art bc he is really into art as in paintings
* Id have Edge show me all the gadgets that he has made or that he is interested in bc we all know he makes things!


(psst try to not have it be sexual in any way bc we all know that we all would like to "GET" with are man")
i would just like to talk to any of them about all the wonderful and exciting experiences they've had being in the band. they would all have such interesting tales to tell i'm sure. but i would be tickled pink just to have any chance to do anything with them. it would definately be an experience of a lifetime (for me anyway :D ) and something i would never forget.

i will meet them one day if it's the last thing i do. i'm a very determined person when i want to be. :p
Kelly all of those things are WONDERFUL...May I join you? Seriously...I owuld love to do the same thing, except I would change Edge's...for Edge I would like to have him play his explorer and sing to own private show...the other boys could join in eventually, but I would want Edge to play and sing a few songs by himself. I would also ask if I could see his beanies from the zoo era with all of the symbols...I loved those...
*runs in* Non sexual? *runs out*

J/K! I'd love to talk with Larry about his passions... whatever those are. Lovely voice and accent = :drool:

A game of billiard, just the 2 of us and an inviting pool table... :mac:

Sorry, couldn't help it! :wink:
hmmmm I'd probably like to talk about the paranormal and metaphysics...with edge and other band members who would be interested in that sorta thing.
If i could spend a day with the guys...............omg the things i would and wouldnt do.....................:censored: but seriously i would love to get to know Adam more he likes what he doesnt like ,know more about his personality ,more about him: personally :love: most of the time i'd spend with Adam............then spend some time with the other guys.............ohhhhhhh and i'd take them to the seaport which i'm sure they'll like idf they havent been there yet...........and most importantly take them to the site where the beautiful towers once stood and anywhere else that may interest them:cool:

i'd like to play a game of soccer with the guys, i think it would be interesting (with the tackling and the falling on larry part, especially):angel:. after i'd just like to hang around them and get to know them a bit more. i'd really like to see them in the studio, watch how they get along and see where and how those wonderful songs come from. :)
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