Acrobat - Chapter 2

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Dec 18, 2005
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Wow, this seemed to take forever. Opening night of Zoo. I apologize if there are inconsistencies. Funnily enough, this show was my first bootleg (which I believe I still own). It was $50. Can you imagine that? I just wanted to relieve the wonder of Mysterious Ways and Running to Stand Still live.

These are fictional characters that have taken on a life of their own. I just write what they tell me to write....

Gloria didn't see much of Bono in the days leading up to opening night of Zoo. She was learning the backstage and security for the tour. The day before the first show, she sat with 4 small calendars and one large one. Each band member had their own schedule. It was her job to reconcile all four into the big one for appearances and interviews. She was armed with many pencils and a large Coke. It was tedious work. When she signed on, she imagine long days with the band - and Bono. Slowly, her daydreams of them falling madly in love and living happily ever after dwindled. She flipped the pages of his calendar as she tried to schedule a Rolling Stone interview. She saw 'Ali' scrawled with a question mark. Suddenly, she felt sick. She was able to forget that there was a wife. She'd met Ali a handful of times on Joshua Tree. Ali had always been quiet but pleasant. Yet Gloria couldn't help but be jealous. The way he looked at her. The way her hands touched him. It was a constant reminder of how far out his mind Gloria was. Of course, now he was a father. It made Gloria feel a little strange in her lust for him. Sighing, she looked up from her task right into a Mullen glare. What the hell was his problem? She had worked very hard to stay out of his way. Truthfully, she had not seen any of them since the day she arrived. So much for hands on.

"What have you got there?" He asked.

"I'm organizing schedules," she answered quietly. She rather hoped he'd forget she existed.

He moved closer to look over her shoulder. Pointing to Bono's calendar, he said, "Dear God, does he have any free time?"

Gloria shrugged. "Doesn't look like it." She glanced at Larry's. "You're the polar opposite. "

He scoffed. "You have no idea." And he was off.

That was probably the longest conversation they ever had. She hunched back over work when she heard his unmistakable voice.

"I just hope all the bells and whistles work," he said. His eyes turned to the young girl sprawled across the table with a furrowed brow on her pretty face. "Gloria! I thought I just had a dream that you joined the tour. We haven't seen you. Has your brother been a slave driver?"

Andrew laughed. "I might have given her my more unpleasant tasks."

Bono shook his head as he took a seat beside her. "Shame on you, Andrew. She's too young and fresh to be broken so quickly."

He was so close. She remembered his aroma from helping him out of his sweat clothes on the last tour. Oh, how she’d missed this. "It's okay. I'll remember that when he's working for me," she grinned at Andrew.

Bono laughed. "She's quick, Andrew. Better watch out," he slung his arm around her neck. She smelled his sweat from rehearsal. "We might sign with her one day."

Andrew joined in with the laughter. "Yeah right." He turned to talk with Willie.
He looked at his calendar with all the days filled, crossed out and circled. “Did you schedule me any fun?”

“I, uh,” her mind went blank. “Am I supposed to?”

That throaty laugh escaped his throat. "So Gloria, are you coming to dinner with us? Is your brother going to let you have a bit fun out here on tour?"

Say something clever, say something clever, she thought. She forced what she hoped was a sexy smile and not a weird grimace, "I don't do everything he tells me. If you invite me, I'll come."

Through the shades, his eyes danced with delight. "That's good to hear. One more for dinner!" He called and left her side. "Edge! Let's go. I'm starving."

Edge appeared around the corner. "I'm just waiting for Adam."

"See you tonight, Gloria," he pointed to her.

Once he was out of sight, she collapsed in her chair. The room was spinning. It felt like she ran a mile which she could not do on her best day. She laid her head on top of all the schedules before her.

"You okay?" Larry frowned.

Her head shot up. "Yeah. Just hungry. I felt dizzy."

He looked part concerned but mostly annoyed. "Get something to eat, silly girl." With a nod, he followed the others.

I need something to wear, she thought. She collected all the calendars and threw them in her message bag which had become a briefcase. She found Andrew with Willie.

"Are we almost done?" She asked.

"Did you finish the schedules?" He asked.

"Through next week. I'm waiting to hear back from MTV on when they want to film the interviews. I'm hoping there's a message at the hotel from Kurt Loder's assistant. " she said.

He looked to Willie. "I guess we're good for now. I heard you get invited for dinner. I guess you are coming with us then," Andrew said.

She bit her lip. She hoped he wouldn't prevent her from going. She made it a point to look all cool and not needing to heed Andrew. She'd hate to have egg on her face the next say when she saw Bono. "If you don't want me to go..."

"I wanted them to invite you. I didn't want it to seem like I was inflicting my kid sister on them," he said as they walked out of the arena.

"I'm not a kid anymore, Andrew, " she pouted in the most adult way possible.

“I know. Just be careful in social situations. We are still working. Yes, you can have fun, but don’t get sloppy,” he had on his father voice.

She raised an eyebrow. “Like get trashed at dinner tonight?”

“Well,” he shrugged.

“Andrew, do not worry. I will not make an ass of you or myself,” she said and hoped that she could hold to that vow.


On the last tour, Gloria rarely went out after the shows. The last show had been different. That was when they shared that amazing kiss that no one since had erased for her. As she sat at dinner across from him, her eyes switched from his eyes to his mouth. Both were just wonderful. When they flicked on her and offered a smile, it took everything in her to not combust. She was trying very hard to play it cool. Her shining eyes gave her away a little.

Edge watched his friend hold court as he did. A group always gathered around him waiting to hear the great philosophy of Bono. His hands gestured. His fingers punched holes in the air. Yet his eyes and grin rested on Gloria seated in front of him. It was the spark that worried Edge. Bono had completely forgotten that he confessed to Edge that night that he kissed Gloria.

They were laughing and stumbling towards the hotel. Suddenly, Bono stopped and placed his hands on Edge's shoulders.

"I kissed her," he said gravely.

"Who?" Edge asked but he knew.

Bono hung his head. "Gloria."

Edge nodded slowly. "Nothing else happened, right?"

Bono shook his head. ""

"Do you think she'll tell Andrew?" He asked.

"No. I doubt she'll tell anyone," he said.

Edge sighed. "She is a teenager."

Bono winced. "I know chronologically she is. Trust me, she's no teen."

Edge picked up on the hunger in his voice. "Was this the first time?"

He nodded. "And last. It's just good that the tour is over."

Those words chilled him then and now as they echoed through his memory. He watched the playful glances Bono and Gloria shared. He hoped Bono was just being his usual flirtatious self.


The first night with the guys Gloria could not keep up. They were professionals at this partying thing. By the second bar, Andrew was bringing her back to her tiny hotel room. She asked when they boarded the ship. Sometime before sunrise, her body heaved itself into the bathroom. She was barely in time in pulling her hair back. As the sun greeted the sky, she tossed herself back on the bed sweating out the alcohol. She made a mental note: more water next time. Despite a raging headache and turning stomach, she managed to pull herself together for a late lunch at the arena. There was still no sign of the band. Everyone worked with furrowed brows. Tonight was a big night. A lot of money had been invested into this new kind of stage show. It wasn't a concert and this wasn't a tour. This was the circus.

Andrew would be stationed inside the hospitality area while Gloria took care of the VIPs. Tonight, she was the liaison between the band and the other beautiful people. As she was rewriting the revised guest list at 5 o'clock, she heard his voice in her ear, "So you did survive?"

Instead of his eyes, she gazed into her own reflection in his bug glasses. She hated those damn things and it was just the first night of the tour.

She smiled weakly. "Barely. I guess my tolerance needs work."

He winked. "We'll have you all caught up by the end." And he was gone to the stage.

Andrew promised that she would get to watch the show from every vantage point during the tour. Tonight was not that night. The guest list was huge and celebrities flitted in and out of the guest tent. Andrew invited her inside the dressing room about a half hour before the show to listen in on the security and band debriefing. Her eyes scanned the room. Larry straddled the arm on the couch with his typical intense glare. Adam and Edge lounged lazily on the couch in full costume. Splayed on cream colored couch was a vision in shiny leather. His pants, shirt, jacket and glasses - all black. Even his hair was jet black - a sharp contrast to his pale skin. It had been moussed and coiffed. She just wanted to run her fingers through the silky strands. If he was nervous, he didn't show it. In the final moments before show time, the room was cleared of everyone except Paul, Andrew and the band. Gloria wondered if they were praying, slapping each other to get pumped or doing jumping jacks.

The door opened, and all 6 filed out of the room laughing and slapping each other on the back. Gloria bounced from one foot to the next feeding off the excitement. She knew she was part of something incredible. As Bono passed her by, he pulled his shades down his nose. “Ready love?”

She nodded breathlessly. Her mouth opened to utter something, but his eyes disarmed her.

He nodded his head. “Then come on.”

She looked to Andrew knowing her station was to be backstage.

He chuckled. “Go ahead. Enjoy the show.”

She scrambled behind the man in leather and could not take her eyes off his behind. The other three broke off to take the stairs to the stage while Bono headed to the lift. She wasn’t sure who she was supposed to follow or what exactly she was to do.

Bono looked over his shoulder. “You coming?”

She hurried by his side. “Do you need me to do anything?”

“Just talk to me,” his voice was tight.

“You look great,” she said. She couldn’t let what she really thought spill from her head. “It’s going to be a great show. Everyone here is geared up for this.”

“It’s not Joshua Tree,” he said with worry.

“It’s not,” she smiled. “It’s better.”

He stopped fidgeting and stared at her. Slowly, that grin spread across his face. “It is, isn’t it? Thank you, love.” With a new sense of purpose and persona, he climbed upon his chariot that elevated him to the stage. She held her breath as he ascended into the sky.

“You can watch from here,” Dennis led her to a sweet spot in front of the stage between barricades. “You’ll want to see this.”

Gloria watched Bono’s silhouette twist and buck against the blue screen high above the stage. Wrapping her arms around herself, she held her breath as the show took off. Gone was the earnest preacher of Joshua Tree. This Bono was slick and sensual. Her body tingled as his hips moved in a way she’d only dreamed about. He crawled across the stage to peer down at the photographers below. He inched closer until his lips brushed a female photographer visibly swooning. Gloria’s face fell. It was silly to be jealous. Her eyes never left him as he wandered the large stage. She knew the other were up there, but he had her undivided attention. Her heart swelled as she heard the opening chords of Mysterious Ways which had quickly become her favorite song. Finally, he removed his goggles and she could see those amazing eyes. Bono couldn’t see her, but it was normal for everyone to look like one person on the stage. The rush was incredible. Who needed drugs? He had forgotten the sweet elixir of the tour. It had been over 2 years. And those had been a tumultuous 2 years. He spun to look fondly at his mates. They made it through that storm. Look at them now. Gloria’s attention from Bono was interrupted by his eyes on someone else. She had heard that this had happened in rehearsal, but didn’t expect to see it now. A sinewy belly dancer shimmied her way from the second stage down the ramp towards Bono. She was very pretty and Gloria hated her. She twirled gracefully in front of Bono as he reached for. her. She stayed just beyond his grasp. Gloria thought this whole act as silly and hoped it wouldn’t last beyond the first week.

Gloria was transfixed by the spectacle. She heard so much about these huge screens and seen them go over the what video images would be used in this new brand of art. But to see them married with music and the energy of the band was breathtaking. Bono grabbed a bottle of champagne as they launched into Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms Around the World. Her stomach soured as a girl was plucked from the audience to crush herself against a sweaty Bono. The blonde in tight shorts let her hands wander across his chest and back. Who thought of this stuff? Gloria wondered. Was this in the show every night?

The show moved fast with not much time to catch a breath. Bono couldn’t believe he was flying backstage to toss his damp t-shirt to Fintan and already climbing into the mirror man suit. Nassim combed his towel dried hair with lightning quickness. Soon he was placing a silver cowboy hat on his head and slipping on aviator glasses. Fintan handed Bono a mirror almost the size of him to carry on stage with him. He growled responses in a morbid southern accent mixed with Elvis as he strode on the stage kissing the mirror. He hoped that they’d get the reference. It was a big risk to debut the TV evangelist in the South.

Gloria glanced at her watch. The show would be almost over. She felt the familiar pang as the show drew to a close. She would miss the Fly and this crazy Mirror Ball Man. She didn’t know why - she’d see them again in a few days. She looked over the crowd and felt sorry for them. They knew that this carnival ride was coming to a close. That was it for them. An overwhelming sadness overcame her as she heard the opening organ to Love is Blindness. It always reminded her of Edge and his wife. She remembered sitting in Andrew’s living room as they listened to the album for the first time. They didn’t talk but smiled through the entire album. She felt a chill as the song started. Andrew turned to her to tell her that Edge had separated from Aislinn. This song had been written in the heat of that moment. Gloria felt sad for Edge. He was always very nice and brotherly to her. She couldn’t imagine him not smiling. She felt guilty because a part of her wished that Andrew had been telling her about Bono and Ali.

Her arms ached from holding herself tightly all through the show. Bono’s face filled with pain as he hung onto to the mic stand for support. His voice was filled with sorrow. She wanted to wrap her arms around him and hold him close. She had thought it was a strange song to end such a high energy show. She did see some people shuffle to the door to beat traffic. Most were transfixed as Edge made his guitar cry. Gloria wanted to hug him as well. Her eyes left Bono for the first time as she watched Edge release all the anguish on his guitar. She saw Bono move to the edge of the stage and another female popped up on the stage. He drew her in his arms and began to sway slowly as her face curled into his neck. Again, Gloria felt sick. Is that what I need to do for him to touch me? 32 shows of watching strange women paw at him. Then Ali comes to visit. For a moment, Gloria thought that school might be easier than enduring this torture each night.

“Would you mind going back to the hospitality? It’s going to start filling up,” Andrew said.

Gloria nodded and quickly dabbed her eye. “Is there an ETA on the band? I know I’ll be asked.”

Andrew shrugged. “It could be 30 minutes, it could be an hour. Depends how long it takes them to unwind. You have your talkie, right?” She pointed to her hip. It was dark but he peered closer. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “It’s a sad song.”

He patted her shoulder. “It’s okay....” He was off to greet the band when the show was over.

Gloria gave Bono and the girl one last look before heading to her job.


Bono slung his arm around Edge as they descended the stairs. What a rush! He missed the stage and tour so much. It was years away from dirty nappies and cartoons. It wasn't a perfect show. Things that went well in full dress rehearsal fucked up tonight. They were greeted by shouts and claps from the crew. The ringing from the audience echoed as they walked through the halls to their dressing room. They sat on the couches to catch their breath.

Andrew handed out beers to the four of them. Someone broke out a pad and made a list of all the things that went wrong and what worked.

"We have to fix the sequencing. My ear piece was off and you can hear it in Mysterious Ways. I was way ahead of everyone. I looked stupid," Bono growled as he toweled off his hair.

"You looked eager," Edge joked.

"Whatever. It shouldn't happen like that. We've only been rehearsing for how many fucking months?" It didn't take much to sour his mood.

"I think we need some perspective. We just pulled off the biggest media blitz in a rock show and have done something that's never been done. Let's take a moment to revel in that," Adam stretched his arms behind his head.

"Always the optimist," Bono grinned.

Gloria watched the clock as the natives in room were restless to chat with the men of the hour. She introduced herself as Andrew's sister and assistant. For as shy and tongue-tied as she felt around Bono, regular celebrities didn't phase her. She chatted and joked easily with them. She talked with Lenny Kravitz while keeping one eye on the door. There was a news crew itching to find their into the VIP party. Gently and pleasantly, she managed to keep them at bay down the hall with help from security. An hour had passed since the last note rang out and still no band.

Gloria pressed on the walkie talkie. "Do you have an ETA?"

After a few seconds, her hand piece crackled. "About five minutes..." She heard voices. "Erm, seven minutes."

Gloria guessed this is what the tour would be for her. Schmoozing with the celebrities waiting for U2. Luckily, this was a small crowd. She knew the bigger cities like New York and LA would be different with bigger stars to handle.

Sometime after midnight, the door opened and all eyes turned around. Larry was the first in the party. "Sorry, it's just me."

Gloria offered him a bottle Heineken which he accepted with a small nod and smile. "Thanks."

"Great show," she said. She made sure she kept their exchanges brief.

He moved through the room and found a couch in the corner to settle. He was the first to arrive and the first to leave.

Adam and Edge were the next to arrive. Gloria moved to Edge's side to guide him through all the people who wanted to have just a few minutes of his time. She handed him a beer.

"Thanks Gloria," his smile was always so warm and genuine.

"Awesome show," she said.

"It wasn't perfect," he sighed.

"Have you ever played a perfect one?" She asked as she led him to Lenny.

He scratched under his wool beanie. "No."

She smiled up at him. "Than you still have something to strive for. "

He laughed lightly. "That's one way to look at it."

Adam was happy to gravitate towards the taller, more beautiful people in the room. And he certainly didn't need Gloria's help with that. She stayed by Edge's side trying to stay out of the way and conversation. Usually she was drawn in by Edge. The laughter stopped - as did all time - when Bono graced the room. While the others milled about in their stage clothes, Bono had had a wardrobe change. Gone were sliver pants and black ruffled shirt. Leather pants were back on accompanied by a black shirt and blazer. And as always, the shades. He was flanked by Andrew who navigated him through the room. Until Bono turned up, the party had been dwindling. Upon hearing that the king had made an appearance, the room got very busy. Bono made his rounds with executives first, celebrities and then friends. A handful of fans managed to grab laminates and followed hot on his heels. Gloria and Andrew policed them with Jerry and Dave's help. Luckily, Gloria had been too busy to keep track of Bono. She still felt irrationally upset that he'd been that close to that girl on the stage. She kept telling herself that she was no longer that 16 year old. She was a grown woman with a job to do. Suddenly, she remembered the news crew waiting for an interview with anyone. She saw Andrew standing beside Bono who had now removed the glasses.

"Andrew," she tapped his arm. "There is a local news crew that has been waiting to get a quick interview. I know Larry won't ....."

Bono broke from his conversation to look at Gloria. "Interview? Sure, " he looked to his companion. " Can you excuse me? Duty calls. Where are they? Take me to them."

Gloria realized that he was looking at her.

"Me?" She asked.

He laughed. "Yes, you know where they are, right?"

She looked to Andrew. He nudged her. "This why I brought you on board. It looks like Larry is looking for a way out of here anyway."

Bono held his hand out to her. She hoped to God her hand wasn't clammy. Maybe her brain had not sent the signal to perspire yet. His was warm and felt large as it closed around her hand. Chewing on the inside of her bottom lip, she led Bono to the local news crew. The female reporter looked bored leaning against the wall while her cameraman was asleep sitting on the floor. Bono slipped his glasses back on as they approached.

“Mary Ann, right?” Gloria asked.

Mary Ann looked over expecting the big apology from the agent. She straightened as she saw the agent with Bono trailing behind her. She kicked her cameraman. “Ross. Wake the fuck up.”

His head snapped back again the wall. “What?”

“He’s here,” she hissed.

Bono leaned closer to Gloria. “I guess they didn’t figure you’d come through for them.”

“Guess not. I guess I don’t have the look of authority,” she muttered back. With a smile, she extended her hand to the flustered reporter. “I’m sorry it took so long.”

Bono lodged his most disarmingly brilliant grin. “You know how us rock stars are....indulgent and late.”

Ross scrambled to his feet to hoist the camera on his shoulder.

“Oh, it’s more than okay, um...Mr.....” she stammered.

Taking her hand between his, “Bono, please call me Bono.”

“Um, Bono...” Mary Ann blushed fiercely.

Gloria stepped to the side as Mary Ann regained her composure. She shifted uncomfortably as Bono flirted mercilessly with the reporter. Mary Ann threw her head back laughter and touched his arm as praise flowed from her mouth. Bono joked and teased. Gloria’s eyes never left him. He rambled on about media and lies and turning expectation on its head. She wasn’t sure she understood all that he was saying, but watching his hands gesture and his lips curl into that smile, she didn’t care. About 5 minutes after the start of the interview, Bono looked at her and raised his eyebrows over his glasses. It took her a second to catch his meaning.

Gloria stepped forward. “I’m sorry Bono, we have to go. We have a schedule.”

Bono gave her a convincing disappointed look. “Okay,” he turned back to Mary Ann. “I’m sorry love. It was lovely speaking with you.”

“Thank you so much for your time,” gushed Mary Ann. “We wish success on your world tour.” She tugged Gloria’s arm. “Thank you so much....”'

“You’re very welcome,” Gloria nodded. She led Bono back down the hall.

“Very good Gloria. You picked up my signals loud and clear,” his velvet voice was hushed close to her ear.

She swallowed hard. “That’s my job, right?”

He let his gaze rest on her as she walked beside him. “Yes, I guess it is.”

Jerry motioned Bono away from the hospitality room. “Edge, Larry and Adam already went to the bar. Your car is waiting.”

“Wow, were we gone that long?” Bono pocketed his glasses.

“The party wrapped up quickly,” he opened the door for Bono.

Gloria watched him slip into the backseat. Suddenly his head popped out, “Are you coming?”

“Uh....” her mouth open.

He smiled. “It’s not a hard question.”

“Um...yeah,” she hurried into the backseat. She took short breaths as tucked her hands underneath her.

Bono looked around. “Where is the driver? I’m losing my buzz.”

Jerry twisted in his seat. “In the bathroom. There’s beer back there.”

Bono started opening up compartments finding a small cooler to his left. “So there is.” He made a face. “Sort of. Budweiser?”

“It’s the king of beers,” Gloria offered.

He chuckled as he looked over at her. “That was very funny.” he handed her a cold can. “Here, have a Bud.”

She didn’t dare tell him that she was technically still under-aged. She accepted the beer with a smile and a nod. Looking around, she figured this was a dream. There was no way that her reality was sitting in the back of a limo clanking beer cans with Bono Vox.

“Cheers,” Bono took a big sip as he eyed her over the can. She looked lost and scared sitting on the edge of her seat as if she was just waiting to be chucked from the car. “I wanted to thank you.”

“Me?” she frowned.

He smiled. “Yes, you might not have known it, but I was really starting to lose it before I went on stage. I thought I was going to be sick back there.”
“You? You’re a natural up there,” she said.

“It takes a few songs for the butterflies to subside. But you brought me back to center,” he leaned back taking her in. She fidgeted a bit under his gaze. “You know the right thing to say.”

Her heart swelled and her hands began to perspire. She opened her mouth to speak when Andrew ducked his head inside.

“Oh good. I thought I was stranded. I was talking with Tom Freston,” Andrew crawled over Gloria to plop beside Bono.

“Was he there? I didn’t see him,” Bono said.

“No, on the phone. He’ll be in Miami, if he can,” Andrew said.

And the spell was broken. Bono and Andrew were deep in conversation. Suddenly, Gloria was invisible. She watched Bono and listened to Andrew mentally taking notes. In one day on the tour, she knew this is what she wanted to do. She needed to learn as much as she could from her older brother.

The bar was not more than 10 minutes from the venue. Once Bono piled out of the car, Gloria wouldn’t have an audience with him again for the evening. She wandered through the bar as the U2 camp took over the small local. Bono held court at the bar with a gaggle of girls staring up adoringly. Gloria decided they were pathetic. Then wondered if she looked like that - doe-eyed and stricken. She wound up sitting a table with Fintan and Edge sipping on sugary drink. She recalled how awful she felt earlier. She needed to pace herself. Around 2:30am, Edge yawned and decided to call it a night. Dejected, Gloria opted to ride back to the hotel with him. Bono was surrounded and forgot she existed for the night. She was tired and longed for cool sterile hotel sheets. She let Andrew know that she was heading back with Edge and Nassim.

Bono looked up from his drink and posse to watch Gloria hug her brother goodnight. Shooting Adam a dazzling smile, she turned and left with Edge. Bono rubbed his chin and signaled for another whiskey.
I don't know why, but this made a lot of sense:

She held her breath as he ascended into the sky.

And it's weird to think of it this way but—I kinda feel like while I'm letting Bono go for the moment in my writing, you and Blue are sort of taking care of him for me :cute: First off, you write Zoo Bono way better than I could even attempt; he seems very real, up to the general 'the fuck was that onstage' combined with the relief of being back...I don't know, this chapter made me happy.
My big dear is that this will sound like Blue's story. So, I guess it's good she's almost done so I can carry the Zoo Bono torch for a bit.
Your writing styles are different, so I don't think there's too much danger of the stories sounding alike (unless Gloria all the sudden gets a thing for MacPhisto :))
This may become my new favorite fic :heart: Okay, maybe not, but gosh, it's like you're reading my mind... I could see everything happening- I understood everything that was going on! It was awesome. Zoo:love:

My big dear is that this will sound like Blue's story. So, I guess it's good she's almost done so I can carry the Zoo Bono torch for a bit.
I guess so. I was noticing as I read this certain points that reminded me of DWTD. Or rather, how I would write it if I took over this story...

Yeah, Tara! :hi5: *also has a thing for MacPhisto* You're in good company...
What? It's not your favorite? :shrug: :sexywink:

I won't be that detailed in the shows as much as DWTD and I prefer MirrorBall Man. Gloria will be more involved with the band on an everyday basis as she attends interviews and what not. And it will be very different once the affair actually starts. Right now, she's like Marieke - trying to be professional.
Not yet :)

I know, it's all going to be quite different. Sometime we should try to merge the stories together though :lol: Or something...

Gloria has a really cool job, by the way... well, I guess doing anything for U2 is cool.

I'm in the perfect mindset to read it now...


Edit: Awesome! :hyper: Larry is a jackass extraordinaire. I love it. :lol:

I like how this is progressing kind of slowly...their exchanges are interesting and it's a different reading experience to kind of know what's going to happen between them...I can't wait. :drool:

Gloria's reaction to the girls is spot-on :giggle:
Yeah, chapters are coming slowly as I'm juggling 4 projects at once. Maybe soon to be 5. If my brain can handle it.

Who wants to pay me so that all I have to do is write stories for you guys?
Yeah, that's why chapters are slow going. In fact, i have to read my last bit MW so I can work on that chapter.
This is actually a part of Mysterious Ways which I'm still working on. I might be mad for working on both at the same time. :crack:
I wish we all had a little writing bubble where there was no work, school, etc...just time and inspiration...sigh...
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