Achtung Baby/ Zooropa remaster/ reissue - Part III/ three

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Achtung Baby [20th anniversary edition]
Achtung Baby is the last great U2 album
and one of the best records ever made, but
is this $150 six-CD, four-DVD 20th anniversary edition
worth your time and money? Short answer: Fuck yeah. The
Kindergarten disc offers up an alternative version of the
album—including a searing seven-minute take on “Love Is
Blindness”—while the B-sides and Other Stuff disc boasts
more than half a dozen unreleased songs, such as a smoky,
bluesy cover of Linda Ronstadt’s “Everybody Loves A
Winner.” There are also more than 20 rare remixes here, so
you can party like it’s 1991 all over again. NEVIN MARTELL

Page 29 here:
I hadn't seen this yet. Thank you so much for posting it! Absolute perfection!:heart:

No, it could stay here...:lmao:
This is the song that U2 cover on the re-issued AB, according to the Filter magazine review (there's also a great Lisa Rondstat version):

It's a funny choice for U2 to cover this song at that time (in Rattle and Hum it would have been more logical). However, given that the topic was fame and that was one of the band's worries at the time, it makes sense.

William Bell also wrote "You don't miss your water", which the band are shown singing with Eno and Lanois in one of the NLOTH videos. Lanois and Eno have also recorded the song. Interesting stuff...
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