6/03 – Chicago, IL – Soldier Field

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Some video I took from the tree stage...

Red Hill Mining Town:

One Tree Hill:


Ultra Violet:
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We saw them at the Rose Bowl on 5/20 and had seats. For this show, we had GA tickets and stood near the B stage (about 10 rows back).

A few thoughts:

-It didn't rain! The forecast looked very iffy in the days leading up to the concert, but it turned out to be a very nice night. A little too hot, actually... could have used more of that lakeshore breeze.
-The sound was great. Kudos to Joe O and the crew. I'm a bit picky but this was definitely loud enough for me, and clear.
-The band seemed 'into' the performance... quite a few looks of genuine appreciation for the crowd on their faces. Bono in particular seemed pumped up.
-Not a huge fan of having the crowd sing 'Happy Birthday' to a friend of Bono's. It wasn't even the guy's birthday!
-Incredible show. Onward, boys.
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