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Jul 16, 2000
With the other morally corrupt bootlicking rubes.
I usually don't get into the whole "they need to bring this song back" thing... 'cause frankly I don't care, just being there and hearing them play anything is good enough for me... playing my personal favorites is just icing on the cake.

but that said... i'd reeeeeally like them to start using 40 to close shows again. it's just such a perfect way to wrap things up... sort of like how pearl jam uses yellow ledbetter to close their shows... it's not their biggest hit by any stretch of the imagination, but it's just such a perfect closer that you're almost disapointed when they don't close with it.


Yes. 40 is the ultimate closing song. I really do think they should close with Yahweh/40.

I most certainly agree with you 40 is by far the best to close. It just leaves everybody on a solemn note I WISH THEY WOULD BRING IT BACK!!!
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