14th October New York - Madison Square Garden

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the final show at MSG rocked! i saw the shows on 10/7, 10/8 and 10/14. although they were all great, the band had amazing energy last night. especially during the final encore- the band had so much fun during 'fast cars', with edge dancing and bono being ridiculously sexy with alli onstage (he even lay down entirely on his back!!! rarely see that...) and 'party girl' was hilarious- bono clearly could not remember the lyrics, and was just laughing and getting help from the crowd. then the champagne came out, and drenched those in the front row... so cool!!

the 2nd version of 'vertigo' was amazing! i know people like to bitch about it... but last night it just ROCKED. bono was clearly in another place, and edge was jumping around the stage like mad! at the end of that song, edge was so pumped up that he just threw his guitar off, and let the feedback ring throughout MSG... it was a very 'punk rock' moment.

what a night, what a week... thanks for the amazing shows, boys!
I saw 10/8, 10, and 14. I'm not sure what I'd rank as the best, as there were some great moments in each of them (how's that for ya, all you setlist bitchers?!? :wink: )

Highlights for 10/8 included my friend's face when they started IWF (the song she went in saying "if they play it, all else will be fab"); AIWIY, WGRYWH, OOTS, Fast Cars (one of my must-hear songs), and hearing Miss Sarajevo for the first time! I was initially kind of bitter about the idea of not hearing RTSS again (as that was one of the songs that I wouldn't mind hearing at every single show) but MS surprised me. I always liked it, but I didn't expect it be become such a highlight of the shows.

10/10: BAD!!! ISHFWILF (one that I really thought I could have done w/o on paper, but it was wonderful to hear it live) and the Achtung encore. I like both the Achtung and the acoustic encores, but I'm glad I got to hear Zoo Station and The Fly one more time.

-GLORIA!!! I'd been hoping to hear it since they played it for the first time at SDII, and I had my doubts that it was going to happen....YAY!
-Party Girl. Sure, Bono screwed up the lyrics royally, but what fun!!!
-Stuck acoustic. I enjoy Stuck, and after hearing the acoustic version on Conan last week, I was hoping I'd get to hear it, and it really was lovely.
-Bono's beyond bizarre pre-Miracle Drug speech about Edge being a spaceman from the future. What an odd, rambling story that was. What "miracle drug" was Bono on to come up w/ that?!? I can't wait for a boot to surface to I can hear it again! "And then Larry arrived, and asked Edge where he was from. And The Edge said 'I'm from the future.' So, Larry said 'What's the future like, The Edge?' and Edge said 'It's better.'" WTF?!?!?
-The Electric Co was crazy last night!!!
-Bono saying "You New Yorkers are loud fuckers" after Streets.
-Vertigox2. I actually like it when it's not a regular thing, and when there are as many songs in the set as there were last night. It feels like a bonus song; a gift. I think if they only play 22 songs and 2 are Vertigo, it really feels like you've been a bit ripped of another song.
-Getting to hear Fast Cars again. I love that song!
-Finding a Youth MSG shirt for $20 that was as big if not slightly bigger than the women's small shirt that was $35!! (Though I do need to remember never to dry it!)
-My surprisingly good seats in 321. I think 200 or lower behind the stage would be ideal for the cheapies, but even the 300s were very good (better than the 218s we had that were more to the side on Monday). It was very cool to see the show more from the band's perspective.
-Adam lingering a smidge longer than the rest of the band on his way down the stairs after Vertigox2. He looked like he was having a great time all night, and that last little moment of soaking it all in was very cool!

Guess that's about it. My minor qualms are pretty much limited to missing out on Crumbs and this new version of Discotheque that's supposed to be so great. That's about it though. All in all, a pretty great week. Though I'm not looking forward to getting my act back together w/ school work, etc. Ugh! I'm going to be clawing my way to Thanksgiving break, I can tell!
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I went to MSG 10/10, 10/11, and 10/14. I think 10/10 was the best of the three, but this show was still excellent! My favorite part of the first set has to be Gloria; not too many people knew it, but those of us who did were having an amazing time! The only part of the show that I would've changed was Vertigo x2. When Bono announced it, the energy level (at least in my section) was just sucked away. Hard to believe considering the song, but it did happen. After the show I met many fans who said the same thing. I would've preferred the show ending with 40, as it really got the crowd together the other two nights. But that's OK...the show was still excellent, no matter what they ended with.
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I went to this concert and I have to say I was lucky because I had to go to the bathroom when the lights dimmed. I just made it back to my seat when I saw the lights started to show and that was the best version of City Of Blinding Lights. The 2nd vertigo was the best. WTSHNN had the guitar ever.
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